e3Learning started in Australia in 2001 with a Learning Management System (developed in house), a number of core compliance courses and a team of expert web developers. We're all about "smarter people, better business" and from here we have grown at a rapid rate to become a leader in commercial elearning in Australia and the UK. As a quality endorsed ISO 9001:2008 company, we rely on suppliers to provide products that deliver those same expectations.

e3 began using Work Flow Max early this year (2011) seeking to replace our internally developed job management system. Like most new systems we were apprehensive about any limitations that could prevent a successful rollover, but now a few months in we can confidently say that the rollover has been an excellent experience.

Here are the key points for why we will continue to use Work Flow Max into the future:
Feature Rich: When we started using the Work Flow Max trial, it became clear that the developers knew our industry and the kinds of information we needed to track and record. Now a few months on we're still impressed with the flexibility of the system. The customisation possible with the tool is solid out of the box and we have been able to map our exact needs to this tool.

Support: It's not often that you come across this level of support for an off-the-shelf package. The responsiveness to our enquiries (whether suggestions for new features or general help) has been outstanding. The team at Work Flow Max listens. It feels though they really understand our requirements and do everything to accommodate them.

Hosted Solution: The system is hosted and maintained. It means our international teams can all access the same system and we just don't have to worry about it. This has also offered a significant speed boost because we're no longer limited by our VPN or internal traffic.

Price: Really it's a no brainer here. The cost savings from both maintaining a system on our own (let alone developing it), made this aspect the simplest decision box to tick.

Usability: We've now trained 40 people on Work Flow Max, and not one has come back scratching their head. It's simple and clean to use. We we're able to develop and transfer our job tracking process, with custom tasks that matched our needs within a few weeks. Rollover tools for existing job numbers and client databases are all there. Really it couldn't have been simpler to get up and running.

Reports: Measuring data is one thing, but it's what you do with that information that counts. We therefore heavily rely on the reporting ability of this system, and make no mistake, these are full featured reports. We're very impressed at the ability to build your own custom reports and save these for future use. Having such good and simple access to the data is already highlighting trends that we weren't aware of before. It's enabling us to put in effective corrective actions and measure those results.

For more info on e3learning see www.e3learning.com.au
Daniel Potter - Services Director, e3learning.


John Ffooks

WFM has been making our lives easier by the day and without it we would not be able to operate across multiple countries, timezones and workforces.
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Daniel Potter

The system is hosted and maintained. It means our internationsl teams can all access the same system and we just don't have to worry about it.



Chris Patterson

WorkflowMax has made our billing easier and streamlined our matter management. 



Damir Soric

The team have listened to our suggestions and built a great product that works really well for our business. 

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