Exsalerate provides a unique combination of Sales and Account Management tools to help you maximise the lifetime value of your customers!

Visualise your pipeline

Setup a sales process that is scalable so your team has a consistent approach to every lead, from their first interaction with your company through to closing the deal your team can recreate the winning formula every time. We also import quotes issued to existing clients to your pipeline and assign a follow up activity to the Account Manager.

Visualise your pipeline

Account Management

Exsalerate comes with a dedicated Account Management Dashboard to ensure your team nurtures your Clients and communicate with them regularly to maximise the Lifetime Value of your Customers!

Account management

Key Features

1. Add converted leads from Exsalerate to WorkflowMax with a single click.
2. Create new Jobs and assign to the correct template and team member.
3.Import Quotes for existing customers to the correct stage in your pipeline.
4.Compare live sales data with each customer so you can identify the accounts that are growing and those that need your attention.
5.Sync your websites contact form with Exsalerate to reduce data entry.
6. Everything syncs automatically between Xero, WorkflowMax and Exsalerate.
It’s easy to import your existing Xero and WorkflowMax clients into Exsalerate, you can get started in five minutes.

key features

Other popular integrations


Beautiful Accounting Software. Invoices, purchases and client contacts automatically transfer to Xero from WorkflowMax.

Customer Support

The WorkflowMax time widget allows support agents to enter time against the ticket they are working on.

Plan Right
Staff Scheduling

PlanRight enables the transparent optimisation of capacity and workload for you and your staff via drag and drop functionality. Learn more about how PlanRight and WorkflowMax below.


Combine a powerful CRM and Marketing platform with WorkflowMax and get your sales and production teams talking to each other.