Ferret is a document management system that allows you to view all documents and all correspondence relating to a client or job in WorkflowMax in one place. You’re able to get the full picture of a client or job, and retrieve any document or email in seconds.

Everything in one place

Ferret’s document management system is the missing link where all emails and documents are stored in one place.

Everything in one place

Powerful document management functionality

Continue to use WorkflowMax to track and manage jobs and clients, but add powerful document management functionality.

powerful document management functionality

Automatic updates

As you update client details in WorkflowMax, they’ll automatically be updated through to Ferret.Ferret Software asked Eleanor Shakeshaft - director of Bain EMA (Western Australia) four questions about how WorkflowMax works with the Ferret Software - click here to read.

Automatic updates

Other popular integrations


Beautiful Accounting Software. Invoices, purchases and client contacts automatically transfer to Xero from WorkflowMax.

Customer Support

The WorkflowMax time widget allows support agents to enter time against the ticket they are working on.

Plan Right
Staff Scheduling

PlanRight enables the transparent optimisation of capacity and workload for you and your staff via drag and drop functionality. Learn more about how PlanRight and WorkflowMax below.


Combine a powerful CRM and Marketing platform with WorkflowMax and get your sales and production teams talking to each other.