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Get to really know your business with MoneyWorks - powerful accounting and business information software for Mac and Windows. As well as providing fast and timely financial and management reports, MoneyWorks can help you grow your business.

Export sales invoices, jobs, job sheets and purchase orders from WorkflowMax to MoneyWorks, and streamline your accounting and reporting. It’s easy!

Flexible Accounting Solution

You need your accounting software to fit in with your business processes, not the other way around. MoneyWorks is designed for maximum flexibility and interoperability.

Money works client payment

Get Results

MoneyWorks has the power to give you better information from your business data. Better information will allow you to make better strategic decisions for your company. Better decisions will mean a more successful business.

Money works payment on invoice

Leave a Trail

MoneyWorks protects the integrity of your data and provides concrete audit trails. No other software does better accounting.

Money works account balances

Other popular integrations


Beautiful Accounting Software. Invoices, purchases and contacts flow automatically into Xero.

Customer Support

The time widget allows support agents to enter time against the ticket they are working on.

Plan Right
Staff Scheduling

Power up capacity planning and staff scheduling in WorkflowMax with drag and drop functionality.


For an integrated solution add this powerful CRM & Marketing platform to the mix.