MYOB Payroll

Team WorkflowMax up with this powerful payroll system, and free up time for your business.

MYOB Payroll is the easy way to manage your payroll needs. Perfect for small-to-medium businesses paying up to 20 employees, MYOB Payroll will streamline your processes and let you get on with other things. And now that you can import timesheets from WorkflowMax, you’ve got even more reason to get your payroll in the cloud.

Stress-Free Payroll

Whether you employ permanent staff or contractors, MYOB Payroll gives you a more efficient and accurate way of handling pay runs.

Simple PAYE Deductions

Let MYOB calculate the exact figures for PAYE deductions and save time by filing reports with the IRD electronically.

Easy Leave Management

Managing your employee’s leave entitlements has never been easier. MYOB Payroll includes a feature that calculates and records employee leave statuses and balances for you.

Kiwisaver Covered

MYOB has your Kiwisaver requirements covered. Rest assured you’re paying your employees using the most up-to-date calculations, and save time with electronic filing.

No credit card required.