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SimplePay is a cloud-based payroll system for Canadian-based businesses, making it easy manage employee scheduling, time attendance and payroll processing.

Import payroll ready timesheets straight to SimplePay

Accurate employee timesheet data flows seamlessly from WorkflowMax through to SimplePay to make for easy invoicing.

Import payroll

Flexes to fit your business

SimplePay’s flexible features and integration with other software allows you to grow from one employee to thousands.

flexes to fit

Secure self-serve access for employees

Your staff can log in to a secure self-service area where they can access their payroll history and submit their timesheets and expense reports.

Secure self serve

Other popular integrations


Beautiful Accounting Software. Invoices, purchases and contacts flow automatically into Xero.

Customer Support

The time widget allows support agents to enter time against the ticket they are working on.

Plan Right
Staff Scheduling

Power up capacity planning and staff scheduling in WorkflowMax with drag and drop functionality.


For an integrated solution add this powerful CRM & Marketing platform to the mix.