PlanRight, Capacity Planning Done Right!

PlanRight enables the transparent optimisation of capacity and workload for you and your staff via drag and drop functionality.

PlanRight is a powerful add-on for WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager. It enables you to become an expert in managing capacity and workload for you and your staff.

Enter your jobs and tasks in WorkfowMax, then allocate time to your staff in PlanRight. See the capacity of one or many of your staff at a glance. See the impact on your staff’s schedule and capacity of new jobs.

Time is money

Wasted time is wasted money. Easy re-allocation of work between staff members by drag and drop to ensure all the team are at 100% capacity, not more or less.

Data moves between PlanRight and WorkflowMax with a single click. Sync’ing of data can be automatic or manual.

Plan Your Week

The week planner allows you to schedule jobs and tasks using a drag-and-drop calendar, with full visibility of your team’s workload.

Plan Your Month

The month planner allows you to prioritise work for each month. A quick glance at the capacity worm will show you exactly how much work has been planned and completed.

Plan Your Year

The year planner allows you to allocate work to staff, then plan it over the whole year. Tasks are split into ongoing (i.e. support), fixed (i.e. a GST return that must be completed in a month) and variable (flexible timing).

A Complete Solution

With PlanRight and WorkflowMax integrated together for your business, you can become an expert manager of capacity and generate more revenue by maximizing capacity management.

No credit card required.