Seamlessly bring together your client data and files through WorkflowMax and SuiteFiles. Sync your documents and generate files with client info.

Improved workflows

Save time and gain peace of mind when you work with SuiteFiles and WorkflowMax. Upload documents against a client folder in either system and they will automagically sync across both platforms.

Improve workflow

Document generation

Minimise time-consuming tasks by creating templates for common documents or emails. Make them instantly available to colleagues and pre-populate them with client data from WorkflowMax.

Document generation

Work with Office

Access any Microsoft Office documents – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote – and edit them online through SuiteFiles or in desktop Office. Use SuiteFiles Outlook to easily manage your emails and client files straight from your inbox.

Work with office

Other popular integrations


Beautiful Accounting Software. Invoices, purchases and client contacts automatically transfer to Xero from WorkflowMax.

Customer Support

The WorkflowMax time widget allows support agents to enter time against the ticket they are working on.

Plan Right
Staff Scheduling

PlanRight enables the transparent optimisation of capacity and workload for you and your staff via drag and drop functionality. Learn more about how PlanRight and WorkflowMax below.


Combine a powerful CRM and Marketing platform with WorkflowMax and get your sales and production teams talking to each other.