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SyncHub frees your WorkflowMax data so that you may build the dashboards and analytics required to truly drive your business.  Our sync will pull your raw WorkflowMax data into your own secure data warehouse, after which you may simply connect your reporting tool of choice to build whatever reports you like. We support a wide range of reporting tools (including Microsoft Excel, Power BI and Tableau).

Unlimited reporting options

Run advanced reports and analytics beyond the reporting already available in WorkflowMax.

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Overlay all your cloud software

Get greater insights from your reports by overlaying data from your other cloud software

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Monitor your connection health

SyncHub ensures your reports are complete by pulling every WorkflowMax data point you could possibly need – all in real time.

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Multi-account - perfect for franchisors or consultants

If you’re a franchisor or larger business running multiple WorkflowMax accounts, you can use SyncHub to combine reporting from across them all.

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Other popular integrations


Beautiful Accounting Software. Invoices, purchases and contacts flow automatically into Xero.

Customer Support

Track time from WorkflowMax against open support tickets in Freshdesk to streamline your helpdesk.

Plan Right
Staff Scheduling

Power up capacity planning and staff scheduling in WorkflowMax with drag and drop functionality.


For an integrated solution add this powerful CRM & Marketing platform to the mix.