Adobe Time Tracking Widget

Track time without breaking your creative flow from within the Adobe Suite, then add that time to your jobs in WorkflowMax. How awesome is that?

Let’s be honest - filling out time sheets is a total drag, and if you have to break your creative flow to track time, you lose focus.

But you need to track time so you can accurately bill clients and get paid for ALL the work you do. That’s why we developed an awesome widget that you’ll love.

The Adobe Time-Tracking Widget plugs directly into the Adobe Creative Suite - so you can track your billable time from your own creative working space. 

Stay in One Place

No more switching between WorkflowMax and your creative working space - you can do all your time tracking from the Adobe Suite. The Adobe time-tracking extension is compatible with:

  • Adobe InDesign CC (2014) - CC (2015)
  • Adobe InCopy CC (2014) - CC (2015)
  • Adobe Illustrator CC (2014) - CC (2015)
  • Adobe Photoshop CC (2014) - CC (2015)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2014) - CC (2015)
  • Adobe After Effects CC (2014) - CC (2015)
  • Adobe Prelude CC (2014) - CC (2015)

Do it All - Creatively

Add, edit and delete a timesheet at your convenience.

Now you can record accurate data for billing and better business decisions, without breaking your focus throughout your creative thinking process.

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