Prod Timer

An efficient and affordable time keeping app, managed through one simple window.

This tool was developed to help our designers with their daily Workflowmax project time keeping. It’s simple, efficient and affordable. Give it a go and send us your feedback, we’ll be sure to improve on it in the next update.

Here are the essential features.

• Easily view your assigned tasks through one simple window 
• Simplify your visible task list with the filter 
• Record your progress in real-time 
• Pause and resume while you take a break 
• Manually enter time as needed 
• Add notes as you record 
• View running time at a glance in the dock or menubar 
• Overlay mode for maximum workspace flexibility 
• Idle detection to prevent accidental time recording 
• Switch between multiple WFM accounts with ease 
• Automatic connection error handling

No credit card required.