31 Darby St
Newcastle NSW 2300

We are not your average pen-pushing, number-crunching, sit-behind-a-desk accounting nerds. We are people just like you. We understand and empathise with the issues, problems and headaches you experience as a small business owner.

Growthwise is designed to help you regardless of what stage you are at in your business cycle. Whether you are a small business starting up or a mid-sized business dealing with the pressures of growth we can help. We have one clear goal: to help your business & personal investments grow, wisely.

"I have been using Growthwise accounting for over three years now and they continue to challenge the way I run my business, helping my company grow and develop. Growthwise have helped me structure my company, introduced me to cloud based accounting software and linked me up with new opportunities. Steph and her team are innovative in that they are keeping abreast of technology in their field and beyond, they are apt at social media and they understand the future of business which assists me in my companies direction. They are locally aware but think globally as they participate in local conferences and seminars and communicate beyond. To be honest sometimes I forget that they are my accountants but rather business partners challenging the expected. Growthwise regularly review my business and compare it to industry benchmarks, this helps me gain perspective. They help me plan for my tax and are always available to answer my questions, no matter how strange they seem, I feel like I can ask anyway. In a nutshell these guys rock and I am glad to feel like I am on their team, even as a client."DANIEL BORG, PSYBORG