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Prudent Consultancy provides you, and your business with expert guidance on Accounting and Quality Management Systems.


It is not often I email and thank a supplier for an invoice but in this case I feel compelled to do so, I would like to forward my greatest gratitude to your company and most of all your staff member Mr Sean Burke, his efforts, skill and technical knowledge were without a doubt some of the best I have seen and experienced, his assistance to our company was of great value and the learning experience for my staff was also very well received, I look forward to our ongoing relationship in QA/QC consultancy and wish you all the best, I will be referring clients to you as fast as I can find them. Kris Townend - Metlabs Australia Pty Ltd I first met with Honee when I was looking at expanding my company and I wanted to create a website in 2010. I found her to be very knowledgeable and full of design idea’s even before I choose her to represent my company. Her creativity and hard worth ethic is what stood out and made my decision very easy compared to other companies I engaged for this project. She hit the ground running and shortly after our first conversation she presented me with my new website. I was very impressed with her service and ideas; she came across as a woman who aims for the highest in customer satisfaction and high quality in service she provides. The after sales support and advice I’ve received from Honee is the best I have ever encountered from anyone I have done business with. Even now, 3 years after creating my first website, Honee still works closely to ensure total satisfaction is received and is extremely prompt in responding to emails and requests. Her service is one I promote often among business colleagues and associates when I’m asked about my website. - Naz Tamburro - Absolute Minidigger Services Pty Ltd
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