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25/26 Dixon St, Strathpine Qld 4500 Australia
Passion for helping business owners make more informed decisions by better understanding of their finances As professional First Class Accounts Consultants, you can expect Rosemary and the team at First Class Accounts - Strathpine to assist and guide where and when necessary, so that you are able to stay in control of your business and spend more time with the growth of your business. The team is able to provide various bookkeeping services and guidance depending on your requirements. These services can be regular weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or even annually bookkeeping, The Team is also able to provide training in Xero, installation and accounts set up, Payroll, BAS and Payroll Tax Preparation. If you have time to do most of the bookwork yourself, but need assistance or someone to check your work from time to time, Rosemary and the Team are more than happy to assist. No matter the size of your business, Rosemary and the team are able to provide a solution to meet your needs. Rosemary and the team are able to work at your business or if more convenient can work remotely from our office if this is more suitable.


Many thanks for your help and taking the stress out of my business. By processing sorting out my accounts and putting it all into a format that I can give to my accountant has meant I have been able to focus more on my business. Monica Usher 'Antique Dealer' I hired Rosemary to take over my bookkeeping after discovering mistakes from the previous bookkeeper. To say I was impressed from the beginning would be an understatement. Her 50 minute interview of me at the start (at no cost to me) and the questions she asked confirmed my decision. And then a contract to add to the professionalism - WOW! I highly recommend Rosemary! Top Qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity - Geoff Kirkwood 'The Referral Master' Rosemary is a very thorough and pleasant bookkeeper who is very efficient and conscientious with my business books. No task is too big - I would recommend her to any business looking for a bookkeeper- Rosemary Stols 'South African Tukka & more'
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