Number Nurses

Auckland, New Zealand

Number Nurses specialises in helping business owners with total cloud integrations.

Our core purpose is to give business owners their time back, if we can't do that we don't charge.

"Gayle’s Number Nurse Service has literally been a lifesaver for us at Business buddy. We’re growing really fast and it’s fantastic to be able to onboard new clients with the assurance that their Xero will be setup correctly, their users trained, plus their data up-to-date & correct each month ready for us to do our work." KIRSTEN HAWKE, DIRECTOR, ASTILL HAWKE & ASSOCIATES

"As a business consultant specializing in Xero making contact with Gayle and Number Nurses was invaluable. They run a business that is networked beyond belief they can make suggestions and connections for solutions and Xero add-ons in a snap, across borders and platforms. Prepare to be impressed." AVERY DORLAND, DIRECTOR, WINDIGO