Wise Advice

123 Manukau Road,
Epsom, Auckland

Wise Advice works at being different – we want to give our customers a different, modern experience in accounting services and this means we look for the best technology that is available to do the best job we can – that best option is WorkflowMax – no question.

Using WorkflowMax plus Xero gives us the opportunity to be an accounting firm that gets alongside our clients to make sure they enjoy the process and that they get the best information to make great business decisions.

We use WorkflowMax every day, all the time – we keep all our jobs on WorkflowMax – we love the seamless connection to the IRD for filing tax returns – we could not be the accounting firm we want to be without the ease and adaptability of WorkflowMax, nothing else comes close to giving us exactly what we need for the work we do to manage our business and our clients’ businesses.

"Humdinger Design, seeing growth in its client base and resulting increase in staff numbers, switched to WorkflowMax from a manual system which utilised large brown envelopes to keep track of job information including time sheets, job costs and quotes. Having the entire team be able to access this information centrally, even from their smartphones when they are out meeting clients, has resulted in increased efficiency of staff, better control and recovery of costs and significant time savings. The integration with Xero is the icing on the cake, simplifying the invoicing process and improving cash flow. We know there's a lot more we can do with WorkflowMax, but that is one of its strengths – we can keep it simple for now but know we have the power there as we continue to grow." ANDREA LEE, HUMDINGER DESIGN