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At DJCA we have one key principle: simplicity. Offering a unique service that is both simple and effective is our aim, to ensure that our clients always know how their accounts are shaping up. Our up to date expertise and use of the latest technology will help you to achieve your business goals. Plus, we won’t look at you sternly over the top of our glasses if you’ve accidentally lost a receipt.

"When we were setting up Goodbye Blue Monday we wanted to find a good accountant. DJCA were attractive because they're a bit different to other accountants. They value things that are fresh and interesting, and they use Xero. They're just not like other accountants. They offer a range of services and advice we've never had before, like having an accountant and a business mentor all in one. They've run some of their business seminars at our bar, are always up for a laugh, and are just nice, fun people."JOHNNY MOORE, OWNER, GOODBYE BLUE MONDAY

"We were seeing an accountant twice a year, and only got a summary of how the business had fared up to that point. During the year we’d have questions but it was intimidating to phone and ask as we knew his meter would be running. Seeing our Sidekick Accountant Dave is a pleasure, not a chore. He’s genuinely friendly and a good communicator. Finally we understand what all the figures actually mean! It’s such a feeling of relief and excitement to have this incredibly helpful and knowledgeable guy looking out for us and our business.”KERI, LIGHTING PLUS CHRISTCHURCH