Business Roundup

Nelson, New Zealand

Business Roundup focus’ on providing accounting software solutions to time ravaged business owners and those who want to keep a better track of business in the Nelson, Tasman area. 

We specialise in the best Cloud software. Implementing systems and providing support to achieve maximum efficiencies at a day to day level. 

Our services include:

• Sales 
• Installation 
• Training and support

We work with all types of industry in our capacity as bookkeepers which assists us when dealing with Workflow Max setups and conversions. 

If you’re interested in keeping better track of where the money is and how you earn it, then talk to us first.

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""Sue Thomas from Business RoundUp has been involved in the day to day bookkeeping work of her many clients and a small number are those that I am involved with for accounting and tax work.  I have found Sue's work and recordkeeping to be of a high standard.  Sue has a high degree of accuracy in her work, which is essential for the work she does. I know that Sue will have many satisfied clients who are very happy with her work."DJOHN VAN GUNKEL, DIRECTOR, ACCOUNTING TASMAN LTD.

"We are delighted to endorse the services provided by Sue Thomas of Business RoundUp Ltd. We recognise it was essential to capture timely and accurate records to maintain and further our position in the market place.  The service provided by Sue ensured ALL business, data, sales, costs, compliance details are captured in the correct format, timely and importantly - accurately, not only for our purposes but a massive saving for the Accountant. With such time consuming activity being undertaken by Sue this allowed us time to actually manage and grow the business by working with reported outcomes and optimising the opportunities. Not wasting valuable time & sleep with routine duties.."VIC CARR, DIRECTOR, ARTHUR WAKEFIELD MOTOR INN