Winstanley Kerridge

New Zealand

Winstanley Kerridge is Marlborough’s largest accounting firm, and is a fine example of a provincial -based firm leading the way in modern accounting practises. After switching their entire accounting system to Xero in 2012, Winstanley Kerridge was awarded the Xero Partner of the Year Award 2013.

The directors of Winstanley Kerridge, Neil, Craig, Matt, Hamish, Peter and Vaughan say switching to Xero has enabled them to spend less time on compliance and more time helping their clients grow their businesses.

As their entire business evolved to the cloud, they realised a cloud-based workflow system was crucial, and selected WorkflowMax because of its seamless integration with Xero.

“WorkflowMax features an efficient time and work management system, and its direct invoicing capability means we have quicker turnaround time - increasing our productivity and customer satisfaction.”

Neil who picked up Xero’s Most Valuable Person Award 2014 for his contribution to the accountancy profession, says support from WorkflowMax during the transition period was invaluable for keeping business ticking over smoothly.

“We’d recommend WorkflowMax to any of our clients because its robust, intuitive system is easy-to-use,” Neil says.

As a member of the Xero Partner Advisory Council developing Xero’s features and services, Neil has been impressed by the way WorkflowMax continue to enhance the product with the add-on of new functions.

“WorkflowMax is the perfect fit with our philosophy of spending less time on the books and offering our clients more value by working with them to grow their business.”