Judith Cambridge JCCA

1 Searle Lane
Queenstown, 9300

WEB     www.jcca.co.nz 

EMAIL  judith@jcca.co.nz

Where JCCA stands out is in our client focus. We are always looking for new and better ways to help our clients grow.

We offer a full range of services to suit our clients.  From individuals to businesses, from simply preparing tax returns to business solutions that include full accounting and administrative support we have a solution for you.

We are early adopters of cloud solutions, including Xero, and are always looking to grow our knowledge of platforms that will assist our clients, as well as ourselves, operate more effectively.  We work with many partners and the list is always growing.

"As large a task as it is to move your accounting services to another company, the move for Ziptrek Ecotours was absolutely worth the effort. JCCA was clearly a company that chooses to empower you in your business to achieve tight financial management. They have streamlined systematic use of cloud based services, which is how we were moving as company anyway. This allows business transparency, live feedback of accounts and less time spent on inputting data and more on understanding it.  Xero is the main but not only constituent of this ecosystem. The move to JCCA has increased financial efficiencies of the business allowing us to concentrate our efforts on building our business.". — TRENT YEO, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, ZIPTREK ECOTOURS

“They have a very modern approach.  They are very professional, very approachable, very understanding, very real. To get someone enthusiastic about their accounting then to be able to get them to remain enthusiastic through the day to day grind takes a very special team."JAN BLEE, GOODY TWO SHOES