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New York


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Your business is life coaching, business coaching, web design, copywriting, graphic design, interior decorating or something else creative. You have all your creative work organized, but when it comes to numbers, you just think “where do I start?”

CF Grow can change your situation. We know you need someone to take all your bookkeeping stuff and set up an easy system for you to follow, giving you all the tools you need for success without you having to worry about the how. You need to know if you are making money and what your bare minimum is to keep the doors open. You know... that break-even thing you've heard rumor of. You need someone to keep you on track and bring ease to your finances so that money flows easily and you are able to focus on growing your business.

It's crazy, but numbers begin to be your favorite way to start your day.


"Stacy Luft delivers keen insight to our clients’ financial performance. Corporate Performance Consultants is pleased to have her on our team of strategic advisors. Stacy adds a CFO’s perspective that helps our clients attain even more profit as they grow."ELLEN COOPERPERSON, PRESIDENT, CORPORATE PERFORMANCE CONSULTANTS LTD.