Verte Consulting

San Francisco, CA USA
Take a step towards the light at the end of the tunnel - it's a beautiful place to be! At Verte Consulting we are here to make your life easier. We are a team of qualified professionals doing what WE love so you can get on in your business doing what YOU love. Certified in add-ons such as, Vend, Shopify & more, which integrate with Xero efficiently and effectively. Let's work together to maximize the best outcome for your business. We can help you with whatever your needs may be, whether your business is large or small.


“Kirsten is a cloud integration whiz. She saves me countless hours and energy behind the scenes on the back end so that I can stay front and center as the face of my business.Having her as a trusted professional on my team makes the foundations of my business solid and primed for expansion as it grows from seedling, to ficus to a mighty oak!” — Leanne Lai, Guerilla Catering “Verte Consulting is the full package: managing financials with state-of-the-art cloud-based Xero and WFM software. Kirsten has a hands-on approach and provides a thorough service to ensure her clients are supported and confident in all aspects of their bookkeeping and functionality. I highly recommend her services.” — Samantha Bryan, Bronzed Aussie “Kirsten has a hand-on and personalized approach that was very helpful in maintaining the books for my companies. I highly recommend her services.” — Todd Shotz, Hebrew Helpers
Kirsten Barrie Demo - WorkflowMax Advisor