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API Upgrade V3

Important changes to the WorkflowMax API coming soon. 

You’ll need to upgrade to API v3 to keep your connection live.

We’re 100% committed to protecting the data and privacy of our partners and customers, and in uncertain times like these, that’s more important than ever. 

To meet compliance rules that are being set out by tax offices around the world and to continue leading in best practice, we’re implementing new global security standards for digital services providers with add-on marketplaces. You can read more about what will be required here.

Here's what's changing for the WorkflowMax API 

The WorkflowMax API (WFM API) has been split to manage business connections and practice connections, and there will be more stringent security requirements. 

We have also created a new Xero Practice Manager API (XPM API) specifically for the accounting and bookkeeping channel. There is a different set of instructions and deadlines for those who want to access this new XPM API.

You will need to upgrade your existing API connection to either the WFM API or the XPM API. If your app needs access to both, then you will need to create two connections for your WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager customers. 

There are also authentication and URL changes which you will need to make to complete the upgrade.

What you need to do

To find out what you need to do by when and how these changes will affect you, click the link (or links) that best describes how you connect via the API to your account.


WFM user of an app I don’t own

Example: I connect my WorkflowMax account with one or more apps like Deputy and Receipt Bank.

See instructions

WFM developer of an app others connect to 

Example: I’m a developer and I’ve created an app for small businesses that integrates with WorkflowMax, like Better Scheduling.

See instructions

WFM bespoke, generic key, or 1:1 integrations

Example: I’m a WFM user who paid for a bespoke integration between my WFM account and another application I own, for instance my WFM account and a marketing website.

See instructions