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What is Project Management Workflow and why is it important?

by Leigh Macleod on Oct 18, 2019 in WorkflowMax, Featured

The WorkflowMax blog is here to help readers continue to grow their project management knowledge. As part of our ongoing series, we have been featuring segments from our recently released the Essential Guide to Project Management. In this issue, we will be offering a little taste of Chapter 3: What is Project Management Workflow?.


Get back to doing what you love: Learnings from WorkflowMax customer Sticks & Stones

by Millie Vingrys on Oct 14, 2019 in Featured, Customer Stories

Are you finding that the day to day admin of your business is distracting you from the actual work you love? As co-owners of Sticks & Stones Landscape Design, Julia Levitt and Fiona Ericsson found themselves in this exact same predicament.