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What is Project Management Workflow and why is it important?

The WorkflowMax blog is here to help readers continue to grow their project management knowledge. As part of our ongoing series, we have been featuring segments from our recently released the Essential Guide to Project Management. In this issue, we will be offering a little taste of Chapter 3: What is Project Management Workflow?.

Featured Customer Stories

Get back to doing what you love: Learnings from WorkflowMax customer Sticks & Stones

Are you finding that the day to day admin of your business is distracting you from the actual work you love? As co-owners of Sticks & Stones Landscape Design, Julia Levitt and Fiona Ericsson found themselves in this exact same predicament.

WorkflowMax Product Updates & Tips WorkflowMax

Tip of the week: The critical role base and billable rates play in job profitability reporting

One of the most exciting and powerful features offered by WorkflowMax is the ability to immediately gain deep insights into the profitability (or otherwise!) of every job.  Allowing you to identify and take early corrective action on the jobs that are not going to plan from a budget perspective.

WorkflowMax Humans of WorkflowMax

Humans of WorkflowMax - Meet Millie V

Welcome to Humans of WorkflowMax! Occasionally we like to feature one of our awesome team members. We’ll talk a bit about what they do, their passions, some fascinating facts, and what makes them tick.

We’d like to introduce you to Millie, WorkflowMax Global Marketing Manager based in Victoria, Australia. We had a chat to her about life in and out of WorkflowMax.

General News

The integration between Zendesk & WorkflowMax has been upgraded

Improved integration now with added security

The integration between WorkflowMax and Zendesk provides the means for your helpdesk team to input time directly from their support tickets into your job manager. With one single interface, small businesses will know exactly what’s going on in the business and with your time-tracking data flowing into WorkflowMax, you’ll be able to invoice time with a single click, eliminating double-entry.

WorkflowMax Product Releases General News

Work in Progress and Reporting improvements announced

After announcing our increased investment in WorkflowMax at the last Xerocon, we’ve spent the year building a great team who have made the platform more stable for you.

We’ve also built new functionality that we hope you’re finding useful like the consolidated invoice export to Xero, removing work in progress items and updating the job status in bulk, plus mobile and integrations improvements.

General News

Online payments more secure with Strong customer authentication (SCA)

UK + EU lead the way making online payments even more secure with mandatory implementation of Strong customer authentication (SCA)

As the business world operates online, cyber attackers and hackers only get more sophisticated. Modern security features like two-step authentication (2SA) , multi-factor authentication (MFA) and now strong customer authentication (SCA) offer an important layer of protection over your private data. Practising sensible cyber safety has become a necessary part of modern life. Just one easily guessed password can stop your business in its tracks.

WorkflowMax General News

What is a Project Milestone and why are they important?

Have you ever finished a project and wondered how the end result differed so much from the initial plan? Creating and utilising Project Milestones allows you to catch issues earlier and take the appropriate course of action to deliver the intended result.

WorkflowMax Product Releases

New on WorkflowMax: Attach supporting documentation to jobs using your mobile app

The WorkflowMax team is proud to release another highly-requested feature: the ability to add supporting documentation to jobs while using the WorkflowMax mobile app. 

WorkflowMax Featured General News

What is a Project Management Plan and why is it important to have one?

The WorkflowMax blog is here to help readers continue to grow their project management knowledge. We recently released our Essential Guide to Project Management and will be featuring segments of the guide in the blog moving forward.