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10 Cool and Coveted Christmas Gifts for Agency Creatives

We all have that creative friend, colleague or client who always looks fabulous, is one step ahead of the latest tech trends, and has impeccable taste when it comes to choosing home decor. Finding a gift for these creative folk, whether they are a designer, a developer, a copywriter, an agency exec, or just creatively inclined, is often a nightmare.

Instead of wandering the shopping malls despairingly in search of the perfect present, we’ve made it easy for you. Here are 10 design-inspired gifts that your favourite creative person will love:

1. Letterpress desk calendar

Letterpress Calendar 2017.png

Sure, your favourite creative friend probably has a few electronic gadgets on their desk already that can tell them the date, but they won’t quite have the timeless appeal of this Type Letterpress desk calendar. This eco-friendly calendar is printed by hand using a 1960s letterpress on thick 100% cotton stock. A stylish bamboo base completes the look. To buy you need to back their Kickstarter project - don't miss out!

Buy your letterpress calendar from Kickstarter.

2. Chisel iPad Dock

chisel ipad dock christmas gifts for creatives.png

If an iPad is your designer’s constant companion then they will love the minimalistic Chisel iPad Dock as a beautiful way to prop up, charge and showcase their device. Fitting with the smooth, clean lines of the iPad, the dock is handcrafted from renewable bamboo, and can rotate from portrait to landscape.

Buy a Chisel iPad Dock from iSkelter

3. Doxie Flip Scanner

Doxie Flip Scanner Creative Gifts.png

Now your favourite design-freak can capture their creativity wherever they are with a Doxie Flip scanner. The scanner is lightweight and portable and runs off batteries. It’s perfect for research, capturing images, doodles, sketches, notes and artwork so you can record everything that strikes a spark of inspiration.

Purchase a Doxie Scanner

4. Lazerwood Keys for Apple Wireless Keyboard

lazerwood keys for apple christmas gifts creatives.jpg

If your designer or writer friend is an Apple fan they can add a touch of chic to their keyboard without interfering with the sleekness of the Mac design. The Lazerwood Keys for Apple Wireless Keyboard are thin adhesive-backed wood pieces that stick to the keys. The characters are laser cut with precision that your creative pal is sure to appreciate.

Buy Lazerwood Keys from Lazerwood Industries

5. Alternative Movie Posters II: Film Art from the Underground

Alternative Movie Posters 2 Christmas Gifts for Creatives.png

Help get those creative juices flowing. Award winning freelance writer Matthew Chojnacki created this gorgeous coffee table book (a follow-up to his 2013 success) to document the burgeoning underground film poster movement. It features a range of artwork by artists and graphic designers, who seek to challenge Hollywood's marketing machine with their clever creations.

Buy it from Amazon.

6. Scrabble Fridge Magnets

scrabble fridge magnets christmas gifts creatives.jpg

Every word nerd needs a magnetic Scrabble set for their fridge so they can flex their vernacular talents while waiting for the kettle to boil. If there’s no one who wants to challenge them to a game, it’s still a handy way to remember your shopping list, although no doubt it won’t be long before some questionable words start appearing on the fridge door.

Purchase a magnetic Scrabble set from Amazon.

7. Artists, Writers, Thinkers, Dreamers by James Gulliver Hancock

artists writers thinkers dreamers christmas gifts for creatives.jpg

Is your creative mate also a history buff? They’ll love discovering these little-known nuggets of knowledge through this illustrated book by James Gulliver Hancock. It includes factoids from the lives of Coco Chanel, Napoleon Bonaparte, Muhammed Ali and a whole bunch more, presented in a series of sketchbook-inspired infographics.

Purchase the book from Uncommon Goods.

8. Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Happens Print

lorem ipsum dolor sit happens christmas gifts for creatives.jpg

If you don’t get it, that’s probably because you’re not a designer, but your favourite creative will appreciate this clever print which takes inspiration from Lorem Ipsum filler text.

Buy the print from society6

9. Pantone Business/Credit Card Holder

Pantone Business Card Holder.jpg

Does your gift recipient have a penchant for Pantone? Now they can keep their cards organised in style, whatever colour matches their personality or preferences. It’s perfect for business cards, credit cards or loyalty cards.

Buy from Amazon

10. Serif Tote Bag

Serif Tote Bag Christmas Gifts for Creatives.png

Type lovers will cherish this tote bag with it’s simple reference to the serif stroke. It’s the perfect size for fitting design essentials such as a laptop and notebook, and is made from durable cotton waxed canvas.

Buy a Serif Tote Bag from Little Factory

Do you have some more gift ideas for creatives? Perhaps you have your own wishlist ideas that you would like to add - share them in the comments below!

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Monica Shepherd