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10 WorkflowMax Features That Will Change Your Life

WorkflowMax is turning 10 - woohoo! To celebrate our 10 year anniversary we asked Joanna Bellis – the very first WorkflowMax employee, and our most experienced team member – to discuss her 10 favourite features of the software. From custom reports to staff allocation, find out about some of the powerful capability that makes WorkflowMax such an amazing platform for your business.

During my 7 years with WorkflowMax, I’ve done all sorts of jobs, from support, implementations and training to webinars, sales and documentation. These are the picks of my favourite features which have had a big impact to the way a business operates.

1 – Easy time entry

WorkflowMax offers you 5 easy ways to enter time so you’re sure to find one method which fits in around your way of working (or try them all!). From website to timer to mobile app and both daily and weekly options, there’s an option to suit you.

WorkflowMax time entry mobile app.png

2 – Collaboration manager

Create your own email address at our domain @emailmyjob.com, include the job number in the subject and your email correspondence related to your job will automatically attach to the notes tab of the job.  If you have any attachments, then these will automatically save against the documents tab as well. Learn more.

3 – Easy Document integration

A super handy feature – with document integration you have the ability to save your docs from your clients or jobs into your third party document application such as Box or Google Docs. Whilst you can view and open your documents from within the job documents tab, you can also utilise the features of the document management software knowing that the latest version will be available in your job without having to reattach it. This provides better management over your documents, collaborating with your team, and access without logging into your WFM account for those quick edits.

4 – Manage your sales funnel with the Lead manager

Categorise and quantify your leads, set up a sales process for different types of leads and add milestones to manage your follow up. Custom fields against your leads allows you to customise detailed information about prospects’ requirements and analyse trends when you won or lost the job through the report builder customised reporting.

5 – Custom fields


Add customised fields to your clients, contacts, jobs, job tasks, job costs, leads, suppliers or timesheets to capture additional information which is crucial to your business. You can add different types of format of fields too, such as checkboxes, contact or valid links, date fields, decimal number or text fields, multiline text or drop down lists, and even group them under custom heading labels. Then add or filter on these fields in the powerful report builder.

6 – Report builder

Along with the power of a suite of standard financial reports, you can create your own customised reports using the Report Builder in WorkflowMax. The Report Builder groups fields in different areas of the database allowing you to focus on client management, job information, financial data or any other aspect of managing your projects. All custom fields are included, so you’ll have all the insights into information which is critical to your business.

7 – Staff allocation tab

staff allocation in WorkflowMax.png

Under the Job Manager, one of the overview tabs shows the staff allocation, where the system will work out how much time you’ve allocated to each of your staff members. For more accuracy, you can allocate portions of a task to individual staff (when you invoice based on staff rates) and schedule individual task deadlines, and WorkflowMax will calculate the workloads for your staff accordingly. If you choose not to do this, the system will work out how much time is allocated to staff by taking the estimated hours on a task, the number of staff on the job and the length of time of the job, then pro-rata the time across the staff assigned to the job. At a glance you can see if some staff are over-subscribed, or you’re under-utilising other resources.

8 – Job categories

This is a super powerful feature in WorkflowMax and sometimes gets overlooked. In the system, you can set up job categories to monitor different aspects of your different types of work. From ‘cash only’, ‘ongoing projects’ or ‘one-offs’, to more detail about the type of work you’re performing or different branches in your organisation you’re doing it for, there are endless options on how you can apply the job categories. In addition, you can map your invoices in WorkflowMax to specific accounts in your connected Xero account to track the financials of different types of work and also take advantage of the tracking categories in Xero.

9 – Map tasks, costs or job categories to Xero accounts or tracking categories for easy financial tracking and analysis.

As well as mapping your job categories, you can also map your individual tasks or costs by line item to separate accounts in Xero. This feature allows you to mix and match - maybe 80% of your invoice line items can go to the default account but you want one specific task and a couple of individual costs to go to a specific account for tax reasons or management reports? No problem, set the mapping for just that task and couple of cost items in your task and cost database, and just those items will be exported to that account in Xero

10 – WorkflowMax on the go

WorkflowMax View Jobs On The Go.pngOut and about between client sites and meetings? Or between meetings in the office? Wherever you are, with WorkflowMax for mobile, you can check up on jobs and enter timesheets at any time as they happen (or as you remember!). You can even start the timer from within the app on your way into a meeting, then stop and add any notes when you’re back in the car, before you set off to the next meeting.


Thanks for being a part of our journey to 10,000. Watch this space as we aim for the next 10,000!

WorkflowMax 10 year birthday

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Joanna Bellis
Joanna Bellis is the Product Owner for WorkflowMax. She was the first person employed by WorkflowMax back in 2009 and has 20 years of international experience in the online software industry after roles in London, Europe and NZ. When she’s not at work, you’ll find her trying to keep up with her two young children and two dogs, perfecting her downward dog and warrior poses, and making novelty kids crocheted hats.

Joanna Bellis