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10 Love Songs for Your Inter-Office Romance [playlist]

If you’re anything like me, you need music to fuel you through the more difficult parts of your day. A killer soundtrack can make even the most tedious job fun, and discovering a new band you love can make your whole week.

With that in mind, every Friday we’re gonna be posting themed playlists based around different tasks and situations you might encounter during your workday. The idea is you can just plug in a playlist and hear the right tunes for any situation.

You can either check out the songs on the youtube video and bandcamp pages below, or just plug in the whole list on Spotify.

Office Romance

This week’s playlist is all about the allure of forbidden romance, and how love can blossom where you least expect it - your eyes meet over the photocopier, and before you know it you’re showing up to work in your best threads and trying to find excuses to stop by their desk.

Whether your office crush returns your advances and you end up passionately entwined in the filing room, or you simply admire your beloved from behind the coffee machine, you need a soundtrack to combat the highs and lows of your office tryst.

I must admit, love songs aren’t really my thing. My husband and I didn’t have a first dance at our wedding, more of a “first-headbang” to Manowar’s Hail & Kill. So forgive me if some of these songs are a little left of centre.

Step into my office, baby - Belle & Sebastian

Step in … you know you want to.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen

You know it’s a bad idea to fall for someone at work, your love is unpredictable. It shakes you all over like a jellyfish. Even Freddy agrees.

Work Song - Hozier

Not only is this song appropriately named, it happens to be one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time.

There is No Train - Nina Nastasia / Jim White

This is the song for an office romance that is a really, REALLY bad idea. Nina’s voice is beautiful, but the drumming in this track is so strange.

Crazy in Love - Beyonce

I am really not a hip-hop fan, but if Beyonce’s in a song, chances are I’m gonna love it. This song is so insanely catchy, and I think it perfectly describes the way a new love makes you feel.

Can’t Help Falling in Love - UB40

Aw, geez, how wonderful is this song? I mean, yes, it’s a bad karaoke number, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be singing along!

The Ship Song - Nick Cave

OK, so this is probably my favourite love song of all time. I’m putting it here because, well, if you haven’t heard Nick Cave, then you should.

Danger! High Voltage! - Electric Six

Danger! High Voltage! When We Touch! When We Kiss! I mean, what’s more sappy and romantic than Electric Six? The video is, uh, interesting ...

I only want to be with you - Volbeat

This song, originally done by Dusty Springfield, is a classic love song. But remember that I’m not really into love songs? Danish metallers Volbeat give a new interpretation to this sappy ballad.

Love is a Battlefield - Pat Benatar

“We are strong, no one can tell us we’re wrong.” I’ve always loved the power and message of this song. I also love Pat’s leopard print skirt. I think there would be a lot more office romances if everyone wore more leopard print.

What other songs do you think appropriately sum up the magic and the horror of an office romance?

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