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10 songs to inspire you to do great work in 2016

It’s the first day of the new year, and if you’re not recovering from the previous night’s festivities, you’re probably thinking about the year ahead and what challenges and opportunities it brings. I’ve got several exciting projects planned for 2016 and I’m definitely keen to get stuck in.

Whatever your business challenges are for 2016, I hope you’ll find a song here to inspire you to do your best work, reach for those big, scary goals, or kick bad habits and poor decisions to the curb.

You can watch the videos below, or listen to the Spotify playlist.

1. With Odin on Our Side – Amon Amarth

Because as you enter the new challenges and battles you’ll face in 2016, the one person you want on your side is an angry one-eyed Norse warrior god.

2. Cynics & Critics – Icon for Hire

This song is all about staying true to who you are despite what the critics say.

3. Running Free – Iron Maiden

Technically, this song is about a criminal on the run from the law, but I love the sentiment about being free (and the galloping guitar riff. I definitely love that). As a business owner, you have freedom from many things: you are your own boss, and that’s awesome. Savour that freedom!

4. The Silver Cloud’s Dark Lining – Skyclad

This song is for those times – and there will be a few – when the whole world seems to be against you.

5. Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try things that haven’t been done before. Be the disruptor in your marketplace. Shake things up. And do it with style, the way Fleetwood Mac do.

6. More – Sisters of Mercy

More of the good stuff is coming your way this year, as long as you’re willing to work for it.

(video is the extended version and probably NSFW)

7. Last Man Standing – Hammerfall

Hammerfall write cheesy power metal songs about slaying dragons and rescuing wenches, and I find their stuff is great to pump you up for any kind of challenge. What dragons are you going to slay this year?

8. Billion Dollar Babies – Alice Cooper

Because who wouldn’t love to be a billion dollar baby? Maybe this will be your year.

9. Wonder Woman – LION BABE

A song for the ladies, because you are wonder women and this is your year for magic.

10. Beat the Bastards – Accept

To finish the list with a bang, a great track from the Teutonic Terrors themselves. Don’t let anyone get you down – 2016 is YOUR year.

What song is your inspiration/theme song for 2016?