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15 Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Architects

They’re generally the people that you turn to for creative inspiration, so it’s no surprise if you’re stuck on what to buy the architect in your life. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or a thank you to the poor guy who has redone your house plans three times because you can’t make a decision, we’re here to solve your shopping woes.

Originally published 08/12/14 - list has been updated.

Here’s our guide for 15 awesome gift ideas for architects:

1. Mansion Planter

mansion planter 2.jpg

Does your architect have a green thumb? These beautifully detailed planters are inspired by real buildings, complete with miniature stairwells, windows and balconies. The windows are really cool because you can look inside and see the roots! After all, who doesn’t want their own “rooftop garden”?

Buy it now from Fancy.

2. Famous TV Apartment Floor Plans

Seinfeld’s apartment floor plan

Is your favourite architect also a Seinfeld fan? Or maybe he still has a weakness for Friends re-runs that he’s seen five times? Or perhaps she has a shoe collection inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolo Blahniks in Sex and the City? Whatever TV show tickles their fancy, you can likely find a blueprint of their favourite character’s apartment floor plan for a cool piece of art.

Check out available floor plans here, on Etsy.

3. Elements by Rem Koolhaas


Rem Koolhaas’s Elements is one of those essentials that needs to be added to any architect’s  book collection. Elements is a collection of 15 books that was launched at the 2014 Venice Biennale which examines the essential design techniques used by architects.

Available from Amazon.

4. Inception Desk Organiser

Inception Desk Organiser Christmas Gifts for Architects.png

City dwellers will love this urban desk organiser. Inspired by the New York City skyline and made from flexible silicone, this piece can hold envelopes, notes, business cards - and even doubles as a dish rack! A must-have for any architect with a messy desk.

Get one now from Fancy.

5. The Architects Bird Feeder


Even birds can have a modern architecturally-inspired place to call home. Attract the swankiest of feathered friends to your architect’s yard with the Architect’s Birdfeeder. Designed by residential architect, Doug Patt, the birdfeeder can be sent as a flatpack and is easily assembled.

Purchase your Architect’s Birdfeeder.

6. House Magazine Rack


If your architect’s office or living room is stacked with home and interior inspiration magazines, then help them put their space back in order with this magazine rack. The cute house design perfectly combines form and function, which they are sure to appreciate.

Buy the House Magazine Rack from RedCandy.

7. Black Metal Ruler Bracelet


Do you know an architect who you think totally rules? Then for something a bit different, show your appreciation with this cute handmade black metal ruler bracelet. It's crafted to look beautifully vintage. 

Purchase your ruler bracelet from Etsy.

8. Digital Tape Measure


Gift your architect a trendy tool this Christmas; the digital tape measure looks like a standard tape measure but features an LCD display screen on the top that shows and stores measurements. It also takes into account the length of the casing when measuring in tight spots. And it's rugged, durable and weather resistant - so you can take it anywhere!

Purchase a digital tape measure from Amazon.

9. MollaSpace Concrete Block Magnets

mollaspace concrete block magnet.jpg

These unique magnets look like real cinderblocks - and they’re even made from concrete! Bound to delight any architect who likes sticking notes all over their fridge (or whiteboard). Cute, classy and practical.

Order now from Amazon.

10. Water Tower Vases


Is your architect a bit of a green fingers? These Art Deco-inspired industrial water and gas storage towers are handmade (including the metal gold base) and will make a stylish addition to your architect’s mantlepiece.

Purchase a water tower vase from Bozu.

11. Hacoa Wooden USB Hub House


Street-smart architects will love this cool way to organise and recharge their gadgets. These cute wooden USB houses come in a range of houses - combine them to create your own mini village. They keep your desk tidy and it means you don’t need to use one of those chunky multi-plug adaptors.

Purchase a USB Hub House from Japan Trend Shop.

12. Tetris Light


The most popular game comes to life on your coffee table. The Tetris lamp is everything that architects love - symmetry, colour and creative thinking. The lamp comes with 7 re-arrangeable pieces. You just need to connect one of the bricks to the mains and as each new brick is placed into position they will illuminate.

Buy a Tetris Lamp from Firebox.

13. All The Buildings In New York


Australian James Gulliver Hancock is an artist now living in New York. His obsession? Drawing every building in New York. You can purchase various individual fine art prints signed by the artist, or a book of the buildings he has drawn (so far).

Purchase prints or book from All The Buildings In New York


14. The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

the obsessive chef cutting board.jpg

We all know architects are obsessed with attention to detail - now they can bring that finesse to their cooking! This awesome bamboo board is perfect for anyone with a love of maths, measurement and cooking. Now your architect can dice, julienne, and allumette those vegetables to their heart’s content.

Buy one from Amazon.

15. The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings

future of architecture in 100 buildings.jpg

Marc Kushner - practicing architect and the founder of Architizer.com - has compiled a beautiful book of buildings that embody the future of architecture. Cool highlights include a building that eats smog, an inflatable concert hall, and a pavilion made entirely of paper. A joy to read and the perfect addition to any architect’s coffee table.

Get one now from Amazon.


Has that made things easier for you this year? What other ideas do you have for gifts for architects? Or do you have anything else that you would like to add to your Christmas wish list? Add them in the comments below!

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