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27 Fun Things to Write About on Your Small Business Blog


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You’ve seen other awesome small businesses build an amazing community around their blogs and social media. The food truck that travels throughout the country and uses its blog to post summer playlists and delicious cocktail recipes. The clothing company who get fashion bloggers to write styling tips and has hundreds of ladies voting on which styles they should stock? The mortgage broker pulling in hundreds of new leads through his useful articles about buying a house and investing in property.

Isn’t it time your business got a piece of the blogging action?

As a marketing tool, blogging is pretty awesome. For one thing, it doesn’t cost any money - all you need is the time to write and create content and upload it to your blog. Blogging helps boost your website in search engines, and it also helps to foster a community around your business - creating a core group of fans who will follow your every adventure. And unlike print advertising and other, more traditional forms of marketing, blogging is easy to track ROI. With the right tools you can see exactly what content is drawing in the most readers, and then how many of those readers go on to become customers.

And, of course, blogging is a lot of fun. (Although, I am totally biased). Are you ready to get started? Here is a list of 27 ideas to help you shape your small business blog into something amazing:

1. Write the History of Your Company

Whether you’ve been around for 300 years, or you’re a fledging startup, every small business has a story, and your customers/clients love to hear yours. Make it interesting and engaging.

2. Write a Product Hack

Have a common issue or question on your product? Write a hack post showing users how do something they didn’t know they could do with it.

3. Profile other Small Businesses

A great way to use your blog to give back to the small business community. Talk up your favourite small businesses - your local coffee shop, the architect who designed your office, etc. It can be great to choose business types that compliment your own, so you can attract the same clients.

4. Interview your Staff

It can be great for your followers to get to know everyone on your team. Why not create a simple list of 5-10 fun questions and post a different team member’s answer each week?

5. Create a Playlist

Use tools like Spotify to create a playlist for your followers - it could be a list of tracks to get creativity flowing, a summer-playlist, or a “get-s**t-done” list of upbeat tracks. Playlists are fun and incredibly shareable!

6. Review a book / film that altered your thinking

Your customers are probably interested in a lot of the same concepts and subjects as you are, so share some of your favourite books or films with them. You can also cross-post your reviews to sites like Amazon.

7. Create an infographic

Have you done some cool research into your client base or have some crazy stats to share about your production warehouse? You can create an infographic to present the info in a fun and interesting way.

8. Write about a single decision that changed the course of your life

Readers love a personal story about your growth and overcoming obstacles. What was a decision that dramatically altered your life? Did you decide to move countries, have kids, join a gym, take up skydiving, start a meditation practice, or change your brand’s focus?

9. Rewrite a popular song, poem or story to be about your company.

Have some fun creating new lyrics to a pop song to be about your brand, or rewrite a famous movie scene to feature your staff.

10. Share photos from a conference

Followers love getting a glimpse into the wider world of your industry. If you’ve recently attended a conference, share some pictures from the floor, discuss your favourite speakers, and explain some of the insights you came away with.

11. Post inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes are some of the most commonly-shared images on the web. You could post one quote, or create a list around a theme, such as our post of 101 Exceptionally Badass Quotes for Architects & Designers. Just make sure the verify the source of the quote first!


12. Create a gift guide for your ideal client

Gift guides are extremely popular around the holidays. Choose a selection of products / services (some from your company, others from outside sources) and create a gift guide for a specific customer type. Check out our Gift Guide for Geeks and IT Nerds.

13. Highlight 5-10 posts on a particular topic

Round up different posts (from your blog or other popular blogs) on the same topic, and post links to them all with some commentary of your own.

14. Host a Giveaway

Everyone loves something for free - give your followers the chance to win some awesome products, or some hours of your services - such as business coaching or graphic design.

15. Debunk a Myth

In every industry there are crazy myths about what goes on, usually perpetrated by media who don’t understand how things work. Write a post explaining the myth and explain what really goes on.

16. Create an Instagram Photo Challenge

Every day, post a different photo challenge for your followers. For example, check out Black Milk Clothing’s PicADay May Challenge. Create a unique hashtag for your followers to tag themselves in, and post your favourite pictures on your blog (you may even like to give out vouchers to a few lucky participants).

17. Imagine Your Business in 50 Years

What does the future have in store for your company and your industry. Get imaginative and think about what would have changed in your business fifty years from now. How would your automotive shop changed to service flying cars? What types of brands would your creative agency be working with? Gaze into the crystal ball and reveal all.

18. Share a client case study

Sharing your work is a great way to improve engagement and build your brand. Profile a client or customer and how your company has helped improve their lives. Here are WorkflowMax we have a whole category of user stories about some of our awesome customers.

19. Get Readers to Share Their Tips

Ask your readers to share their favourite tips about your product or industry. Compile these into a giant list post and share it on all your user-groups.

20. List 10 Little-Known Facts

What are ten quirky facts about your company, products, or services? See if you can come up with some surprising and unique facts to share.

21. Honour a Pioneer in Your Industry

Commemorate the people who’ve come before you in your industry by acknowledging and celebrating their achievements. For example, if you run an engineering company, you could post about some of the prominent Female Engineers Throughout History.

22. Create a “Day-in-the-Life” Post

Readers love to see a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in your office. Take some pictures of what goes on during a typical day or, even better, create a short video blog to share.

23. Sneak a Peek

Got an upcoming product release or an exciting project you’re dying to share? Create a sneak peek on the blog to get customers excited. This will most likely end up being one of your most popular posts.

24. Create a Simple “How-To” Guide

“How-to” articles are incredibly popular online. Got a simple task that relates to your services, or a useful way to use your product? Write up some step-by-step instructions, add some images, and you’re ready to shine.

25. Help Customers Make a Decision

This is a great way to attract potential clients, by tapping right into their core questions during the decision-making process. Say you run a design agency - create a post for business owners on “how to choose the right design agency for your company”. Anyone wanting advice will come to your site and see you just happen to be an agency - sweet!

26. Write about Your Inspirations

What inspires you to create amazing products or services for your clients? Who in your life has been your support? What situations led you to the path you’re on now? Weite about those experiences.

27. Share a Cookie Recipe

Because everyone loves cookies. Bonus points if you get pictures of your team baking cookies in the staff kitchen. EXTRA Bonus points if you can somehow relate the cookie to your business.

These are just a few creative ideas to help you jumpstart your small business blog. What other fun blog post ideas can you think of?

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Steff Green
Steff Green is one of WorkflowMax's resident wordsmiths, writing everything from website pages to blog posts, ebooks, emails and everything in between. Steff is also an award-winning author, with several fantasy novels available on Amazon. When she’s not writing up a storm, Steff lives on a lifestyle block with her musician husband, two cantankerous cats, several sheep and chickens and her medieval sword collection.

Steff Green