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3 Tips to Improve the Sales-to-Account-Team Handoff

Sales-HandoffYour sales team and your account team can either be a dynamic duo, or a complete catastrophe.

The sales team is responsible for pursuing qualified leads, vetting their compatibility, and nurturing them through the sales cycle. The account team is responsible for managing and growing the account.

If both teams don’t operate in perfect harmony, your client relationships may have a rocky start. Below, we’ve highlighted three tips to help maintain your agency’s credibility, and smooth out the sales-to-account-team handoff.

3 Tips to Enhance the Sales-to-Account-Team Handoff

1. Take Detailed Notes. Then Share.

The sales team should take detailed notes during each interaction with a qualified lead, and store their notes in a centralized location (such as HubSpot CRM). As soon as a qualified lead nears the finish line to becoming a client, the sales team should share these notes with the account team so that (in the client’s eyes) each member comes across as an expert and fully understands their goals.

(Tip: Look for integrations with the platforms you use. For instance, HubSpot CRM now integrates with WorkflowMax, so you can sync data between both platforms).

2. Identify a Leader.

New clients shouldn’t have to play the guessing game when trying to figure out who is responsible for managing communications with them. Instead, proactively assign a go-to point person to lead the account, and have them lead the kickoff call.  After the introductory call, follow up with notes, action items, and contact information for the entire account team.

(Tip: Near the end of the sales process, the sales team should have a clear idea of who will be leading the account. As soon as an account lead has been identified, the sales team should meet with that individual to brief them about the client, and share relevant resources).

3. Manage Expectations.

The sales team needs to communicate with the account team to ensure that promises made to the client are attainable. If the client’s requests are not realistic, the account team should offer an alternate solution for the client to consider.

(Tip: Expectations should be in place prior to the start of any client relationship, and then managed throughout the partnership. For additional tips on managing client expectations, check out this blog post).

In an agency setting, the sales and account teams should act as one cohesive entity—however, that isn’t always the case. Improving your agency’s sales-to-account-team handoff process could help improve internal communications, workplace culture, and even client relationships.

For more tips to seamlessly onboard new clients at your agency, check out these resources below:

What challenges has your agency experienced when transitioning a new client account from the sales team to the account team? What tips have you learned from your own experience?

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Chirag Ahuja