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Agencies: Are Your Clients Using These Top Tech Tools?

Keeping_An_Eye_On_TechBefore starting a client relationship, it’s important to have a full understanding of their current technologies so you can assess potential gaps, or identify any opportunities for an upgrade. This insight will also uncover any new technologies your agency will have to learn prior to the partnership.

Not sure how to identify your new client’s current technologies? Here are two helpful tips:

  1. Have your team do initial research using an online assessment tool, like SiteAlerts.
  2. Initiate a discussion about your client’s currenttech assets, needs, and requests during the onboarding process.

Why is this conversation so critical? Lack of insight about the technology your clients use to run their business can create a harmful disconnect between project visions and realistic outcomes. Below is an overview of the basic technologies your clients should consider to help your team manage expectations from the start.

7 Technologies Your Client Should Adopt Right Now

1. Content Management System (CMS)

Recommended Vendors: HubSpot or HiFi

A content management system (CMS) is ideal for clients who want to streamline website management.

A CMS pushes new website content out fast, with built-in templates that enable teams to create, customize and publish new site pages at rapid rates. It also keeps all site pages conveniently located in one place, and many contain analytical insights for built-in website traffic reports.

A CMS will help your team accurately scope and manage website projects—including custom landing pages and blog posts.

2. Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Recommended Vendors: Salesforce, SugarCRM or HubSpot CRM.

Lead management can be a headache without a robust customer relationship manager (CRM) in place. If your clients are still keeping track of contacts on sticky notes or a series of Excel spreadsheets, you may need to provide consultation and guide them to a better way to manage important business relationships.

CRMs enable a higher level of customer service and retention through improved customer profiling. It’s a great way to store all of your contacts in one place—and filter based on demographic details, transaction histories and other notes the sales team will need to close future deals.

(Hey! Did you know that WorkflowMax now integrates with HubSpot CRM? Learn more about this integration here and be one of the first to try it out.)

3. Email Management Tool

Recommended Vendors: MailChimp or Constant Contact

According to a report from The Radicati Group, Inc, by the year 2017 more than 130 billion business emails will be sent and received each day. With this in mind, it’s important to ensure your client’s emails pack a punch.

Email management tools make this simple, with custom templates that help bring text to life and carry messages with dynamic visual elements. Build and manage targeted lists of contacts and tap into reports that show open rates, click-through rates and un-subscriptions.

Simply put, email management tools help your teams send better emails. They also help you streamline internal and external communications efforts.

4. Media Monitoring System

Recommended Vendors: Agility or Mention

Monitoring for media mentions no longer requires a stack of newspapers and a pair of scissors. Media monitoring systems are a helpful tool to keep track of all brand mentions. Many even store and track top keywords and build lists of preferred media outlets.

If you’d like to demonstrate your team’s impact via media outreach, these tools help pull together a report for a fast and accurate formal presentation.

5. Social Media Management Tool

Recommended Vendors: Sprout Social or Hootsuite

These days, it’s become increasingly important to participate in social media conversations and keep track of your brand’s social mentions—especially if your client’s target audience is predominantly found online. Social media management tools make this a piece of cake.

Social media management tools helps your team schedule out shares and easily keep tabs on real-time conversations involving your brand across multiple social networks.

6. Project Management System

Recommended Vendor: WorkflowMax (…obviously)

Your clients have big goals and big dreams. It’s your job to match these with projects and deliverables that can drive real results.

Staying informed about project statuses can be difficult if you don’t have a set process in place. Project management systems help boost business reputation with customers by:

  • Producing accurate quotes.
  • Providing increased transparency in invoicing.
  • Improving collaboration.
  • Enabling quick communication to expedite necessary tasks.
  • Sharing transparent updates on projects.
  • Creating real-time reports that show the value of delivered work.

7. Website Analytics Tracker

Recommended Vendor: Google Analytics

When you need accurate website insights, there is no greater tool than a website analytics tracker.

Analytics tools provide your team with a better understanding of user demographics and on-site user behavior. They also enable your client to track their website’s overall effectiveness at driving and converting leads to sales.

Discover How Your Client’s Tech Assets Stack Up

When onboarding a new client, take the time to familiarize yourself with the tools they already have, and come prepared with additional recommendations. Note available upgrades for existing systems, and offer any other tech assets that would help them better achieve their identified goals.

Are there any tech tools we missed in our list? Share your suggestions in the comment section below.

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Image Source: under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic