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What is job management?

What is job management? A beginner’s guide to process & technology

As a new business, delivering the job at hand is often your number one priority and thinking about process optimisation usually takes the back burner. ...

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Staff Appreciation: How to Say Thanks as the Year Ends

Whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving, the end of year is a time to show gratitude. As the holidays reconnect you with family and loved ones, it’s…

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25 Incredible TED Talks to Inspire Entrepreneurs

Today marks the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week (14-20 November). Here at WorkflowMax we’re dedicated to helping businesses and startups achieve…

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Staff Christmas Party Planning: 10 Tips For An Unforgettable Night

It creeps up so fast… The shopping malls are already hanging tinsel. Your neighbour’s renditions of ‘All I Want for Christmas’ are tormenting you. And…

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Workplace Wellness: How to Reduce Stress with Mindfulness

Mindfulness is gaining huge popularity in the corporate world. But what on earth is it? Just a trendy buzzword, or something that can actually reduce …

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The Elusive Work Life Balance: 7 Ways to Avoid Burnout

You’ve had a hectic day at the office. A last minute crisis occurred and you worked 2 hours overtime to get everything done. When you finally arrive h…

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Is Your Business Blog Working? 10 Key Metrics to Measure

 You’ve published a piece of amazing content on your business blog. Hitting refresh every 5 minutes you watch the views creep upwards. “50 people!!” y…

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25 Construction Blogs For Builders & Industry Experts

Staying at the cutting edge of construction industry news is challenging - even for the most passionate builder, contractor, architect engineer or con…

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Get Creative! 9 Fun Brainstorming Tactics for Agencies

Creativity... It’s the lifeblood of every agency. Without creativity there’d be no new ideas. No problem solving. No innovation. And nothing to distin…

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Halloween in the Office: Tips for Wicked Work Celebrations

Where's the safest place to hide in a zombie apocalypse? ....The living room! Yeah I can hear you groaning from here. Bad jokes aside Halloween is cre…

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Get Inspired: Our 10 Best Articles for Architects

Happy World Architecture Day! Today we’re taking a moment to appreciate the amazing work that architects do all over the globe. In celebration we’ve c…

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