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What is a cost estimate?

What is a cost estimate? The importance of accurate estimating for your service business

Producing accurate estimates is one of the most important aspects of job management and key to successfully executing projects.

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WorkflowMax Implementation 101: Review and Improve Your System

Ok, following on from our last blogs, we now need to look at what’s in WorkflowMax, and review to improve this. Hopefully at this point you have been …

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WorkflowMax Implementation 101: Testing Your System

Ok, moving on from the last two weeks of implementation advice (Scope and Setup), we now need to test the system. This is a great time to get out the …

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WorkflowMax Implementation 101: Setup Your Software

In our previous article we looked at the scope required and areas to think about before setting up WorkflowMax, and now we will move onto the setup. W…

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WorkflowMax Implementation 101: Scope Your Business

So you’re looking to use WorkflowMax in your business …? Good decision, now comes the critical part: Implementation!! One of the most important things…

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