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What is job management?

What is job management? A beginner’s guide to process & technology

As a new business, delivering the job at hand is often your number one priority and thinking about process optimisation usually takes the back burner. ...

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9 Tips For Hosting Awesomely Effective Meetings

Ah, meetings. With their almost universally hated status, running one can be tough going. You can almost *hear* the groans as you schedule one in the …

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[CUSTOMER STORY] Abri Architects: WorkflowMax Understands How We Work

For Auckland based Abri Architects, the key benefits of using WorkflowMax are: Data for planning Overview of the business at any given time Integrates…

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[User Story] Compass Assurance uses WorkflowMax To Stay Mobile

Compass Assurance is a Queensland based compliance and standards practice. Learn more about how they use WorkflowMax to manage their remote team and a…

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Is Your Client Taking Advantage Of You? 12 Warning Signs To Watch Out For

I’m pretty wary of jumping on the well-worn “disgruntled-with-clients-so-let-me-write-something-poignant-about-it” bandwagon, but it seems to be an ar…

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Motivating Your Creatives: How To Get Them To Complete Their Timesheets

Creatives. Ah, we love them and all their eccentricities and idiosyncrasies. We’re even willing to look past their hipster beards, man buns, keep cups…

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[User Story] Keeping Books Uses WorkflowMax To Stay Efficient

Keeping Books uses WorkflowMax to establish a more efficient workflow and streamline their admin tasks. Learn more about a day in the life, their favo…

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So, Your Client Wants Some Free Advice – What Do You Do?

The meeting ends on a high, smiles dangle from ears, you’re feeling an euphoric “hurrah!” ready to erupt, any minute now. But, wait. The client is tak…

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5 Classic Blogging Mistakes Small Businesses Make (And How To Avoid Them)

You’ve got a beautiful business blog, full of white space and full bleed imagery. It’s responsive, a pleasure to scroll through and sure looks a whole…

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In A Productivity Slump? Time Off Can Boost Your Performance

Every seven years, renowned graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister takes a year off. Unencumbered, unrestricted by the demands of his high-profile career,…

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