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10 Things You Should Write about on Your Agency's Blog

As an agency working with a lot of web-based media, you know you should be blogging. Blogging is a great way to not only promote your business and highlight the work you do, but it also helps your agency to gain the attention of new clients through higher search engine rankings.

But all the benefits of blogging are lost if you either neglect your blog, or blog about the wrong topics. Your agency blog should be valuable to your target audience – which is potential and current clients. Your blog is a resource and you, the agency, are trusted experts. Your blog helps clients to get to know the agency and feel they can trust you.

So what do you blog about? Here are 11 ideas to get you started:

1. Offer Tips on the Client/Agency Relationship

client relationship

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Many clients feel lost when they first approach an agency. You could write useful articles like "When is the Right Time to Approach an Agency?" or "5 Tips to Get More Out Of Your Advertising Agency" to help them through the process.

Articles such as "how to tell if a SEO agency is ripping you off" are a great way to help clients avoid less reputable companies while highlighting your own trustworthiness.

2. Provide a List of Resources


Image courtesy of hyena reality at

List articles are very popular as they provide structured information and are easy to follow. So create lists that appeal to your target clients. Perhaps, "10 Product Packaging Resources" for an agency specialising in packaging, or "15 Branding Experts You Should Be Listening To" for the branding agency blog.

3. Report from a Conference


Image courtesy of adamr at

Conferences are the perfect opportunities to network with other agencies and potential clients. Carry on the conversation with a report/blog post in the next day or so about your favourite keynotes or your top 10 key takeaways from the conference. Send a link to the conference organisers and they might will usually be happy to promote it via twitter, newsletter and on the conference website.

4. Create a Link Roundup

link roundup


Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti at

A link roundup is a compilation of your favourite news and articles in your niche. For an agency, this might include branding, art and design projects, interesting architecture, web design and development news, or digital marketing news.

Here at Workflow Max, we create a weekly link roundup for creatives.

5. Interview a Client/Industry Leader


Image courtesy of Ambro at

Your potential customers love to see case studies and real evidence of your work. By demonstrating firsthand through an interview how your agency has helped a client in achieving their branding, design and marketing objectives would be a great way to showcase your expertise.

6. Disagree with Someone Important

no way


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

This is one of my favorite ones, and it works extremely well if executed properly.

Saw something design-related in the news or on a popular website you disagree with? State your opinion and back it up with solid evidence. Now is not the time to get political or spout your religious or cultural beliefs, but a well-reasoned disagreement with someone famous will probably help land you in the limelight. Additionally, you will receive a massive SEO boost if your thoughts get covered on credible industry blogs.

7. Compile some Quotes

typography quotes

Everyone loves inspirational quotes. Why not compile a list of quotes about design / creativity from famous people throughout history? Check out this amazing array of Inspirational Design Typographical quotes on the I Can Be Creative blog.

8. Highlight Tools and Technology


Agencies are often on the forefront of technological advances. Why not pass some of this knowledge onto your clients by creating a list of your favourite apps, tools or new technologies?

9. Explain Elements of the Design Process


Image courtesy of SOMMAI at

Use a recent project to explain the steps of the design and creative process. Not only does this help educate your clients about what to expect when they work with you, but it also portrays you as a transparent company who can justify why they do, what they do.

10. Identify a Trend


Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti at

Have you noticed any recurring themes in your recent work? Be the first to identify and write about a trend and you will gain a reputation as a thought leader. For example, with flat design being such a trend now, many design blogs are focusing on creating content around flat design, such as this recent piece on Design Modo on Using Flat Design in Web and Print.

That’s ten great ideas. And here’s a bonus number 11 -

11. Write a List About What to Blog About


Image courtesy of cooldesign at

Many of your clients will also be struggling to write blogs that appeal to their customers. Now that you're getting the hang of blogging for your agency, why not give them a hand by writing a list with ideas on what to blog about?

What does your agency blog about? Share it in the comments below!