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5 Creative Agencies That Don’t Yet Exist (but probably will soon!)

It seems as if new agencies are popping onto the market every day, offering a whole range of services that would’ve been unheard of ten years ago - App Development, Social Media Management, UI Specialists. There is an incredible amount of diverse job titles and specialities out there, all striving to fill the changing needs of the brands and companies that hire them.

So what will the brands of the future require from their creative agencies? As technology progresses, so do the techniques for manipulating, selling and adding value to that technology. I expect in a few years time we’ll see agencies like those listed here popping up all over the place.

Here are five Creative Agencies that don’t exist, but probably will in the not-so-distant future:

Celebrity Cat Meme PR Agency


Since it has been universally proven that the Internet is approximately 20% populated with pictures of cats, it would make sense that the most popular internet cats would need an agency to manage their digital presence.

At the Celebrity Cat Meme PR Agency, feline clients would be able to have their shoots styled, while a team of copywriters worked around the clock to come up with the funniest accompanying text, and a social media manager took care of posting their new content to the right channels. The agency would broker book deals, movie appearances and merchandise contracts for their most popular clients.

The Un-Digital Agency


With all the big brands moving the majority of their marketing to the digital space, the internet is becoming crowded with advertising messages. So how will a young company stand out in an ocean of Facebook campaigns and spam emails?

Simple, by doing the exact opposite. The Un-Digital Agency completely ignores the digital space. At the Un-Digital agency, the creative team focus on campaigns that work in the real world, where there are few alternative outlets for our attention. Billboards, ads on milk bottles, bus advertising, and carrier pigeons are the vehicles through which the Un-Digital agency will bring a brand to the attention of the masses.

App store Optimisation Specialist

app developers

With Google making gaming the search engine rankings more and more impossible, there are soon going to be thousands of SEO specialists out of jobs. So how could you transfer those skills to another area of digital marketing? Simple, by becoming a specialist in getting apps ranked higher in app stores.

Prominent positioning of apps is pivotal to their success. To get the edge on their competition, a company would hire an App Optimisation Agency to ensure their app had the best possible exposure on different stores. A great way to use SEO skills in the exploding mobile market.

Crowdfunding Management Agency


If a company invests time and money into creating a crowdfunding campaign for their new product, do they want to simply trust in their luck and reputation to see it succeed? Hell no. That’s why a crowdfunding management agency is so essential - this shop will take care of all aspects of the crowdfunding process, with a focus on giving each campaign the right amount of exposure to see it reach funding stage.

As crowdfunding becomes an increasingly common way for larger brands to source funding for innovative products, there will become a need for crowdfunding management agencies. A great idea for an enterprising crowdfunding enthusiast - perhaps you could start a kickstarter campaign to get you off the ground? That would be awfully meta.

3D Printing Design Firm


There is a glut of graphic design firms in the market, specialising in producing designs for paper. But what about design firms working in that extra dimension?

3D Printing technology (or Multi-Dimensional Visualisation) is still in it’s infancy, but it won’t be long till we can print any object we want, in limitless numbers, all from one computer file. How very Star Trek. And while 3D Printing has untold applications for manufacturing and security, it is going to change the way companies look at marketing.

For example, Coca-Cola wanted to introduce their new mini-bottles in Israel, so they partnered with a local agency to create an app where users could create a 3D representation of themselves, which they then had to look after. A select few app users were invited to tour the coca-cola factory and make their virtual likenesses into real 3D statues. Check out more examples in this Adage article on 3D printing and marketing.

Could your agency facilitate 3D campaigns for major brands? Why not give it a shot?

As technology and customers evolve, the agencies that provide the link between brands and consumers must also change. Who knows what kind of creative agencies we’ll see in 5, 10, or 20 years time. Perhaps it won’t be long before we see “AI Branding“ and the “Inter-Steller PR Agency”?

What types of agencies do you think we’ll see in the future?