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Creatives – Here's What You Should be Looking at this Week – Aug 5-10

Can you believe the year is going so fast? It's hard to believe it's August already. Luckily, agencies across the world aren't taking it easy. This week I've read lots of articles about inspiring creative projects, advice for agencies in the digital age, and interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs. Here are some of my favourite articles from the creative sector this week.

If you have any fascinating links, projects and stories to share, don’t forget to share it with us it using the #workflowmaxroundup tag on twitter! And you can read more fantastic advice and inspiration for creative industries on the WorkflowMax Blog. - See more at: http://blog.workflowmax.com/#sthash.8sirgaJ1.dpuf

1. On the Propulsion blog, Tim Williams talks about how to sell your value as an agency, instead of selling your costs.

2. Every month the Digiday blog ask a creative director to list their five favourite apps. This month David Byrant, chief creative officer at Organic Agency, talks about his 5 favourite apps and how he uses them.

3. Mark Collier's new book, Think Like a Rock Star examines how rockstars turn customers into fans. Tom Martin at Adage has a look at how the book's lessons on the band-fan relationship can be applied to ad agencies.

melanie duncan

4. Melanie Duncan is no stranger to entrepreneurship. While she was at college in 2006 she founded her first company, Custom Geek Threads, using an embroidery machine in her garage. Shortly afterward she founded another e-commerce site, Luxury Monograms with her partner Devin. Now she's runs the Online Edge Academy, teaching other entrepreneurs how to succeed online. YFS Magazine interviews Melanie and she answers questions about the challenges and experience of online success.

5. The Agency Post discusses the creative-media divide, with several branding and agency professionals weighing in.


6. Fancy yourself a bit of a technophile? Over on Weburbantist, check out 15 Cool Ad-On Devices for Your Smartphone, including home security, a mini arcade, and a wind machine.

7. Andrew Beck offers some controversial advice in his Design Instruct piece, A Designer's Advice to Web Entrepreneurs.


8. Marketing is all about persuasion – and if you are involved in any type of visual marketing, it's vital to understand the psychology of colour. This fantastic, in-depth piece on Helpscout gives the low-down on colour psychology in marketing.

0-richardmcmanusstoppress_department_landscape9. After selling his top-ranking website, ReadWriteWeb, to Say Media in 2011, Kiwi entrepreneur Richard McManus has been leading a quieter life. Now he's working on a book about consumer health technology. Vera Alves at Stoppress interviews McManus and it's a fascinating read.

10. From Problogger, the neverending font of knowledge about all things blogging, comes 5 Tips for Launching a Product On Your Blog Without Annoying Your Readers.

open theater11. This is a theater like no other. Designed by Matthew Mazzotta and built from salvaged pieces of a deserted home, the theatre opens out from a conventional A-frame shape to a dynamic public theatre space.

OPEN HOUSE - Matthew Mazzotta 2013 from matthew mazzotta on Vimeo.

That's it from me - what are you inspired by this week?

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Steff Green
Steff Green is one of WorkflowMax's resident wordsmiths, writing everything from website pages to blog posts, ebooks, emails and everything in between. Steff is also an award-winning author, with several fantasy novels available on Amazon. When she’s not writing up a storm, Steff lives on a lifestyle block with her musician husband, two cantankerous cats, several sheep and chickens and her medieval sword collection.

Steff Green