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What to Put in Your Agency Media Kit to Earn Big Coverage

The press are fickle creatures, but in many respects they control the hearts and minds of the nation. A good write-up in a national or worldwide press (or a carefully-targeted trade publication) could skyrocket your agency to success.

So what do you do when the press come a-calling? When they askfor information for their article, do you scramble to create a document answering all their questions? If so, perhaps it's time you need an agency media kit.

What is a Media Kit?


Denver News Agency Media Kit, by Little John Creative. Denver News Agency Media Kit, by Little John Creative.

As an agency, you'll often be dealing with high-profile clients and common household brands. As such, you'll often be approached by the media to provide an expert quote for an article or talk about a successful campaign. Having a media kit means you can quickly provide any media outlet with a carefully branded agency message. The media kit gives you more control over how your agency is presented, as well as helping you look super-professional.

Media kits are traditionally the realm of magazines and publishers, who use the kit to entice advertisers. However, more and more, small businesses – especially those in the media and advertising industry – are using media kits to promote their business.

These days, a media kit is usually sent out as a multi-page PDF document – it can be easily viewed on screen or printed out for in-person meetings. Your media kit can include prices, details about your process, testimonials from clients and everything a person needs to write about you in detail or choose you for their project.

So, what are 5 essential elements of a successful agency media kit?

1. A Media Kit Needs Bold Images


Nuamerica media kit, by SuperFreshDesign. Nuamerica media kit, by SuperFreshDesign.

A media kit needs to catch the attention of clients and media groups, and to do this it needs a bold, strong image, preferably on every page. Images help to break up the text and make the booklet appealing. Images also convey your brand and your style in a much-more efficient, invigorating way than words. For example, you can describe how your style is modern and simple, but showing images of your work will get the message across much more effectively.

2. A Media Kit Needs an Introduction to Your Agency


Media kit for Pierogi Picnic. Media kit for Pierogi Picnic.

An introduction page should be right at the beginning of the document, and it is here you outline your agency's mission. Who are you? What do you stand for? What do you do best?

Writing about your own company and celebrating your accomplishments can be very difficult. We were all taught as children the importance of humility – but now is the time to be proud. Writing about what you do best in a compelling way is the key to helping you stand out from the competition.

3. A Media Kit Needs Facts and Statistics


9Gag Media Kit. 9Gag Media Kit.

Media outlets love simple, easy-to-digest facts, and lists and bullet points make for easy reading. Pull out facts and figures from your agency history and highlight these in lists or design elements. You could include such facts are:

  • The number of clients you've had.
  • The number of clients who are fortune 500 companies or on other notable lists.
  • The awards you've won.
  • The number of clients who've won awards (such as PR companies working with Emmy award-winning actors).
  • The number of hits on your website.
  • The number of social media followers you have.
  • The amount of people on your mailing list (especially good for PR firms).
  • How many years you've been operating for.
  • Facts about the type of work you do, for example, stats about the success of social media campaigns for a social agency.

4. A Media Kit Needs Testimonials


Blogcademy Media Kit, by Branch. Blogcademy Media Kit, by Branch.

An agency media kit absolutely, 100% needs to include a series of testimonials from happy clients. Separate these from main text using boxes and other formatting elements.

The truth is, you can talk yourself up all you like, but no one will believe you unless other people talk you up as well. Testimonials add credibility to your claims, and show that you are a successful, trustworthy company worthy of press coverage. Testimonials can also become a ready source of quotes for articles.

Personally, I dread contacting clients to ask for testimonials, but it's never as bad as I think. Getting a few good testimonials – especially from your high-profile clients – could be responsible for gaining a nationwide press feature or high profile client.

5. A Media Kit Needs Contact Information


Hope media kit. Hope media kit.

Your contact details are the most vital piece on information in your entire media kit. Chances are, whoever is reading the kit will be wowed by your awesomeness and want to contact you about a project or an opportunity, and if you forget to give them a way to do this, they will quickly forget about you.

On the last page of your media kit, include a page outlining your various contact details, including:

  • The different email addresses for inquiries, clients and media requests, if applicable.
  • Telephone number.
  • Cellphone number.
  • Name of contact person.
  • Physical address and postal address, if different. It's useful for a client or media agency – even if you don't ever meet face-to-face, to know where you reside.
  • Any other relevant details, such as opening hours, frequently asked questions or driving directions.

What Else You Can Include in Your Media Kit

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • A Story of your brand (if it's particularly interesting)
  • List of notable clients
  • Services offered
  • Packages, Rates and Fees
  • Details of your Processes
  • Lists – such as "5 Reasons We're Awesome" or "What Makes Us Different".

A media kit is a valuable tool your agency can use to show off what you do best and get great media coverage. Make one of your first projects in 2014 a media kit for your agency and start sending it out asap!

Does your agency have a media kit? What do you include? Do you send your kit to clients as well as media outlets?