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25 Agency About Pages You Should Know About

After the homepage of your website, the "About Us" page is perhaps the most important. According to Sonia Simone of Copyblogger, it's one of the most-visited pages on your website. It offers a mission statement of sorts, distilling the essence of your business into a few simple words and images. The about page might talk about the history of your company, or offer profiles of your staff, or highlight testimonials and projects from previous clients, but at it's heart it is your chance to make a statement about who you are as a company and what values you stand for.

For an agency, the about page takes on new importance. Just like the other pages on the website, it is also a chance to show off your agency's creativity and explore new designs, tools and concepts. The about page gives you an opportunity to show the client, rather than simply tell them, why you are the best at what you do.

These creative agencies have got the about page right. Check out my top 25 picks for the best creative agency and freelancer website about pages:

1. Ghosthorses


A small web-design firm based in Manchester, UK, Ghosthorses' About Page uses quirky vintage typefaces and elements to create a beautiful, simple layout. The first thing you read is a mission statement, where they talk about what they're passionate about ("building wonderlicious websites") and what makes them unique ("we're small enough to take real pride in each and every job we do, yet agile enough to take on projects of all sizes.")

I particularly love how this About Page is filled with surprises. The words "We Make Awesome Websites" are actually an interactive display. You can cycle through the words to make phrases like "We Kick Grumpy Zombies" and "We Kill Smelly Wizards". A simple and brilliant way to demonstrate exactly what Ghosthorses can do.

2. Nelson Cash

nelson cash about page

For me, the fact that this Chicago-based design studio has a name that sounds like a country crooner is a total plus. Their website is simple, beautiful, and pleasing to browse, and their About Page is also simple, yet brilliant. A little bit of humour in the titles, but not so much it would scare off more conservative clients. You get a real sense of Nelson Cash as being a community effort, a real team of creative people. Scroll down the page to see some beautifully curated images of the "mostly-human" agency team (including the dog).

Despite being short on words, this about page is big on impact.

3. Gummisig

gummisig about page

This is one of the classic examples of about page awesomeness – Gummisig is a freelance web designer with a wicked sense of humour and a predilection for bold, topography and graphic elements. The heading gives you a sense of exactly what it'd be like working for this guy – you're not going to get some boring out-of-the-box template site if you hire him, now are you?

The colours, the giant heading and the large image of the designer all demonstrate that he comes from the "go big or go home" school of design. This is a perfectly branded about page that serves as a great example of what to do to attract the type of clients you want to work with.

4. Floating Asian Kid

floating asian kid

This is another site from a freelance designer, which happens to be a fantastic example of exactly what to do when creating an about page. Rather than simple saying what he does well, designer Sean Geng has created a site that demonstrates his skills with graphics, animation and visual elements. His whole site is filled with fun quirks and little animations. Geng's about page is no different – move the floating Asian kid around the screen as you read a short 'n' sweet bio about his experience.

I'm a huge fan of sites that demonstrate the skills a designer or agency is trying to advertise. If I were after an animated site, I'd be sold after a few minutes on Floating Asian Kid.

5. Level

level about page

A brand reputation and advertising firm, Level does what any great brand does – solves problems for their clients. Their site – and, in particular, their About Page, focuses on their client and what Level can do for them. Level's design is simple, elegant and uncluttered, leaving ample space for their solid brand message to shine through. A row of tabs at the top of the page direct potential clients to explore Level's value statements – where you can learn what makes Level different, discover who else they've worked for, meet the leadership or make contact.

What makes Level's about page so successful is the way they segregate information so the client can focus on exactly what they're looking for. Again, they're demonstrating what it is they do best – branding and customer-central focus.

6. Doberman

doberman about page

A leading design firm with offices in Stockholm, New York and Berlin, Doberman uses hand-drawn images, icons and graphs to bring a human element to their about page. The focus of their page is emphasizing the fact that, although the agency is large, they're friendly and approachable. After a short blurb about the firm, the team, their awards and their support of the Hyper Island school, the remainder of the page is devoted to two hand-drawn graphs that convey Doberman's value propositions: that great experience = great value, and that creating eco-systems is the way to building true service excellent.

What these graphs achieve is both simple, and utterly brilliant. They present abstract concepts in a way a potential client can easily grasp, and they look ultra-technical – making Doberman out to be a company who really knows their stuff. Doberman have created a brilliant example of a simple and effective about page.

7. Pulpfingers

pulpfingers about page

A design and development agency based in Strasbourg, France, Pulpfingers live up to their quirky name with this funky, almost grungy About Page. The focus of the page is two cartoon figures of the two company directors – David and Jerome. With their geeky glasses, beards and light sabre, the pair look like just the type of friendly computer geeks you want in your corner.

This page is a great example of funky design that doesn't alienate. There's minimal text – possibly because English is a second language – and the focus is on the visual statement. Everything is no fuss – with all the essential links and contact forms on the same page.

8. Branch

branch about page

Branch is a new, Portland-based graphic design studio opened by Shauna Haider, a popular graphic designer and lifestyle/fashion blogger. Shauna has a unique outlook on design, with her bold, typography-led style influencing not just her work, but her personal style and home décor as well. What I particularly love about the Branch about page is the way the theme of branches and twigs is carried through the copy, and the clean, uncluttered layout that allows the images and typography to take centre stage. And look, another dog on the creative team - it seems there is always room at the creative table for adorable pooches.

This is modern, minimalist design at its best. Branch will be an agency to watch in coming years.

9. Swipe

swipe about page

A digital studio based in Hamburg, Germany, Swipe's about page reminds me of a modernist gallery space. A sprinkling of courier text adorns the largely white spaces, dominated by two half-face portraits of the studio's founders. This page is bold, artistic and bohemian, with a splash of the German efficiency added in. There are no extraneous elements, nothing that doesn't need to be there, no filler or fluff.

Simple, clean, efficient, beautiful – Swipe demonstrate exactly what they're capable of on their stunning about page.

10. Mount Deluxe

mount deluxe about page

Described as "Auckland hottest little graphic design agency for branding, logos and packaging", Mount Deluxe are definitely rising stars in the local agency scene. The Mount Deluxe about page pulls together multiple elements into a cohesive, engaging whole. There's the company bio on the left, a central image of the design couple behind the boutique studio – Nik Payne and Sarah Delany – and a series of weird and wonderful Q&A with the team on the right. In the header, a continuous stream of hand-written phrases such as "Love Your Work", "Don't Use Jargon" and "Loves Helvetica" scroll across their logo, giving your further insight into their brand and vision without excessive verbiage.

The Q&A format is a stroke of genius, allowing Mount Deluxe to avoid the traditional designer bios and really show off their personalities.

11. The Creative Co.

the creative co about page

Want to see some great vintage typefaces? Want to see a brilliant example of flat design? Want to see an Aussie design firm rocking a rad about page? Then check out the Creative Co. Theirs is a fine example of simple = effective. A short mission statement, followed by a list of their services, and profiles of their creative team. What makes this page so effective is that simply looking at it is a joy – it's easy to imagine a business owner looking at their page and thinking, "This is it. This is exactly what I want for my website."

Simple, natural, and unpretentious – The Creative Co. demonstrate good design at its finest.

12. Haus Media

Los Angeles agency Haus have taken a unique approach to writing their about page – by setting the company's milestones and turning points against a timeline of international news events. This unique timeline not only demonstrates the agency's longevity and ability to survive whatever the world throws at it, but also showcases the firm's solid grasp on the industry – Haus doesn't act in a bubble, but has a finger on the pulse at all times, and brings to their clients the weight of experience that can't be found anywhere else.

All this branding information is delivered subtly, through a unique description of the company's history. The execution of the Haus about page is, quite simply, genius.

13. Superfluent Design

superfluent about page

Like any design-minded person, I love a website with great typography, which means Devin and Brandon of Superfluent are just my kind of blokes. These designers use typography with gusto, combining text and graphic elements into a fun and energetic about page that keeps you scrolling for more. FAQs about Devin and Brandon give off that same youthful energy ("I ride … mountains, roads and trails. I only dance to … lasers. I bring … The Party.") and further down the page you'll find more info about what they do.

Not only does this about page make me want to hire Superfluent immediately, I also kinda want to ask the creative directors on a date. Either one, I'm not that fussy.

14. Brave People


Short on words, big on impact, the about page of Tampa-based branding agency Brave People definitely lives up to their brand. A huge header scrolls through different case studies, taking up the majority of the viewer's attention. Immediately beneath are some short blurbs about the agency's specialties, followed by large, circular portraits of the creative team. Hover over their portraits for some snippets about their personalities, written with a singular dry wit ("We pay him in hamburgers. Why? Money tastes gross." "Drives a Honda Element. So you could say he's a rebel.")

That's it. No value proposition, no humblebrags about awards won or big-name clients, no "why you should hire us." So simple. So confident. So effective.

15. Grain & Mortar

grain and mortar about page

The first thing you notice about the Grain & Mortar about page is their mission statement – "We do everything with our core values of honesty, hard work, and trust." Below that, you see five friendly faces, each one a clickable link to a detailed bio giving you a personal glimpse into the history and motivations of each agency team-member. Images of the office, and a short video exploring the history of the company, also adorn this page. A short FAQ containing questions like "Why the mustache?" (Answer: "We believe all gentlemanly designers should have one!") gives us a sense of the company's values and sense of fun.

All of these elements come together to express those values of honesty, hard work and trust. We see a company of hard-working creatives, with an "open-door" policy. They invite you into their work, ask you to look around before you make a decision. This about page is a stunning example of how a design agency can build trust with a client before they've even got them through the door.

16. I Shot Him

i shot him about page

Another design firm using humour and interactive elements to demonstrate what they do best. San Francisco agency I Shot Him use huge typographic headings on their about page to grab attention. But that's not all, if you hover over the headings, you get a surprise! Their motto, "changing hearts, minds & habits" becomes "smelling farts, behinds and rabbits", and the heading about their bios, "allow us to introduce ourselves" becomes "faces not even our mothers' love". These guys a quirky, hilarious, and clearly love what they do.

And, most importantly, they get results. Prominent testimonials displayed at the bottom of the page show just how much I Shot Him is adored by their clients. If you want to see an example of quirky humour done right, then check out these guys.

17. Enso

esno about page

Enso are a Californian creative agency, and they have a really unique approach to their about page. Instead of writing about who they are, what their mission is, and why you should hire us, Enso have created a short video. A fantastic, trippy indie song plays in the background while the team drive through the fog and end up on the beach, where they all dance about in the waves and smile naturally at the camera. I've never seen a video used so effectively on an about page before – this isn't bobbing heads talking at the camera, but an entire mood piece designed to demonstrate that this is a team of people you want to work with.

Underneath the video are a series of images, each leading to a profile of the different team members. There appears to be no other information on the page – it simply is. "Here we are. Come work with us" is the message Enso is driving,

18. Oliver Russell

oliver russell about page

The about page of this Idaho-based design firm demonstrates how effective and powerful even the simplest branding can be. The Oliver Russell logo incorporates rounded letters and full- and quarter-circles to create a bold visual reference. The circles have been carried through the about page, in the lettering, the headings, the icons, the bullet points, and even some of the showcased client work.

The firm highlights four reasons they're great to work with, and has chosen a range of client work that demonstrates those four principles. The design is brilliant in its simplicity and flawless in its execution.

19. Epic

epic agency about page

Throughout my varied career, I'd dabbled in music journalism, where the word "epic" is overused to the point of being a hackneyed cliché. However, there is nothing cliché about the about page of Belgium creative agency Epic. From the dramatic ancient battle scene in the header, to the "no-bullshit" (their words) text and animated hoplite helmet icons, this is clearly an agency that doesn't do things by halves.

The most important feature of Epic's about page is the fact that they've been so brave with their brand. With a name like "Epic" you have to push the boundaries a bit in order to create a compelling brand. Epic don't just push the boundaries, they tear them down and stomp all over them.

20. Amazee Labs

amazee labs about page

To me, Amazee Labs sounds more like a magical laboratory in a children's book where strange and wonderful things happen … and it turns out, that's not far from the truth. This Zurich-based web development firm have gone all-out on their zany website, with an about page that's bursting with personality. Even though there are eighteen staff profiled on the page, they are all so interesting you have to read about them all. Amazee Labs use their staff bios to demonstrate their client-focused, personable approach to web development, echoed in the design and images in the page.

If you want a fun, yet professional web development firm in Europe, I'd definitely consider approaching these guys. They sound like a great bunch to have on your team!

21. Greensplash Design

greensplash about page

Yet another page where dogs feature prominently as members of a creative team (do cat-people just stay away from the creative industries, or what?), the Greensplash About Page – and indeed, their entire site – demonstrate the look that can be achieved with the simple use of great graphics, colours and type. There's nothing flashy here – just honest copy and a fun design. I love the way Greensplash has asked each team member to write their own bio in the first person – you really get an idea of the personalities in the office.

Fun, honest, and creative – that's what Greensplash deliver on the about page, and from the looks of their portfolio, this is what they also deliver to their clients.

22. Grow

grow creative about page

Grow is a boutique digital agency hailing from Norfolk, Virginia, with a passion for big ideas and little details. And that's just what they showcase on their about page. The page demonstrates what grow does best – but bringing you right into the heart of their business and showing you who they are and what they stand for. Photographs, text and graphics work together to present an image of strength, creativity, sustainability and fun – the heart of Grow's brand.

Browsing through the images on their page makes me want to go into their office to say hi. It looks like a welcoming and exciting atmosphere. Grow's about page will have clients dashing for the phone to book in an appointment.

23. ICS Creative

ice creative about page

Boston agency ICS Creative describe themselves as "a design-obsessed, technology-savvy team of web gurus and brand honchos." Just looking at their about page proves this statement correct. A simple, elegant flat layout serves as a backdrop for some creative mastery. Instead of just telling potential clients what working with ICS Creative is like, the team have created a series of ven diagrams (because everything is better with ven diagrams) to show their creative process and how the different elements of their work flow together. The theme of circles is also carried through with their staff bios. Superhero lightning bolts and great graphics with phrases like "To Usability and Beyond!" and "Hasta la Bitmap, Baby!" complete this funky site.

These guys had me at "Hasta la Bitmap, Baby." I want to take them all out for coffee and pick their creative brains.

24. Social Design House

social design about page

Social are a brand and design studio based in South Carolina. As a company passionate about brands, it's no surprise that their about page focuses on Social as their brand. These days, "Social" is such a buzzword, with many different meanings online and off – Social Design House have played on this theme by using a "Social" theme to break up the information on their About Page. Staff bios are under "Socialites", company specialties are under "Social Skills" and pictures from their studio, events and client projects are under "Social Life".

One thing I particularly love about the Social about page is that testimonials are one of the focal points – a good testimonial can turn a browser into a new client, so it's important to show these off.

25. Teehan+Lax

Teehan and Lax about page

Teehan+Lax has been making digital products for clients since 2002, so they definitely know a thing or two. Rather than attempt to distil their experience down into a few simple words and images, director Jon Lax decided to go the opposite route, and the Teehan+Lax about page runs the length of a small novel. Like a novel, this about page keeps you glued to every word. There are bankruptcies and bootstrapping, sleepless nights and $16,000 photocopiers. It's a riveting story – with no-hold's barred honesty about the company's ups and downs over the years.

This type of narrative about page is a huge risk – there aren't that many people who'd read through all this information just to find the right number to call. But Lax's engaging writing style and the use of design elements to break up the page mean that it's easy to get swept up in the company's story, and by the end of it, you couldn't imagine hiring anyone else.

Have you seen a creative agency with a unique about page? Are you proud of your own agency's staff bios? Link up more agency bios in the comments!


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Steff Green