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DNS Outages

On 22 December 10:48am GMT Xero, WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager experienced intermittant site access issues which affected a small number of users.  

The issue affects some users attempting to access sites and XPM/WFM websites, due to a DNS timeout (DNS is the service that translates the name you type into the browser into the number of the system you are accessing) due to a problem at our hosting provider.

We initiated a migration to a back-up DNS provider whilst working with the current provider through the following several hours to resolve the issue.  

Once the issue was resolved, some users still experienced issues due to the way the DNS records were cached.   A number of customers were successful in connecting by using their mobile device or mobile internet connection.  

Once resolved we were able to confirm that the cause of this issue was a DDoS attack against the Rackspace DNS systems that tells your browser how to find Xero, WFM/XPM and other sites.  The issues you may be experiencing are a downstream effect of this attack on Rackspace and at no point has Xero or WFM/XPM been directly attacked.  

We will continue to work with Rackspace on a permanent resolution and in parallel we are continuing migrating our DNS system away from Rackspace to another provider.  There were a number of security hurdles in place to protect our DNS from malicious hijacking which took a little while to be disabled.  

By 6:55pm GMT Rackspace reported that the issue had been resolved at their end.  For more details please refer to the Rackspace site:

We will continue to work on this and monitor the situation closely, however at this point the issue is resolved.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the disruption to your service.