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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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Four Important Factors to Consider when Implementing BPM Solutions


Many of today’s most successful companies utilize business performance management solutions in the workplace. BPM (Business Process Management) software allows these businesses to streamline and optimize their core processes using a single, easily managed network of forms, records, documents, and data, accessible to everyone involved in the day-to-day operations of the company.

If you are considering transitioning your office over to automated software, you may have some concerns. The benefits almost always outweigh the negatives, but here are some factors you may want to consider before implementing a new BPM system.

1. How Comfortable Are Your Employees?

If it isn’t broken, why fix it? While that timeless adage may be true in some circumstances, it usually does not apply in a business setting. After all, there are always improvements that can be made. The problem is that many supervisors don’t realize that anything is broken in the first place. Take a look at your numbers, and ask yourself if they could be better. If your employees are happy with the current day-to-day operations, and your numbers are climbing, you may not want to rock the boat. However, those cases are few and far between, and most offices end up benefiting in the long run from a BPM software upgrade.

2. What Is the Cost of Transitioning?

Analyze your equipment, and figure out exactly what it is going to take to switch over to a new BPM system. If your office is still relying on archaic computers, it may be time for an upgrade anyway. However, a complete system overhaul does not always fit into the budget. You may want to hire an IT consultant to provide accurate price expectations so that you can decide if the results are going to be worth it. Eventually you are going to need to update, but is now the best time?

3. What Is the Size of Your Organization?

In a very small office setting, you may find that automated software is unnecessary. After all, verbal communication can be just as fast as BPM software when done properly. If your company consists of just a few people, you may find that you run plenty efficiently without having to upgrade your BPM solutions. Mid to large-sized companies can almost always improve communication with automated software solutions, however. Pay attention to how your office is running, and consider whether or not automated solutions would streamline your day-to-day operations effectively.

4. Are You Hitting Your Goals?

Is your company performing its best? If not, you need to figure something out fast. Sometimes it is difficult to put your finger on what is causing poor performance, and BPM software allows you to take a precise look at the low numbers and where/who they are coming from. If you are not sure if all of your team members are pulling their weight, BPM software allows you to closely analyze performance issues. When you have software, it depersonalizes any confrontations you may be forced to have, allowing you to be a more effective and impartial leader.

Upgrade Your Office Today

Very few offices benefit from relying on outdated business performance management methods. Even if what you are doing now seems to be working, there is always room to grow. Today’s BPM software is surprisingly affordable and easy to use, so there really isn’t any reason not to use the latest technology. Chances are high that your competitors are already using modern BPM solutions, so take this important step in your office today.

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Alex Krav
Alex K. currently resides in Seattle, Washington where he works as a freelance IT consultant. He has improved the business operations of many local companies using Intellect BPM software. In his free time, Alex enjoys hiking, video games, and building model airplanes.

Alex Krav