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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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Tip of the Week: Getting the most out of WorkflowMax Support Centre

Do you need more details on importing information into WorkflowMax? Not clear which options to use when setting up WorkflowMax for your organisation? Or maybe you want to know more about how security privileges control staff access to features of WorkflowMax? If these—or other similar questions—have recently come to mind, it's clearly time that you checked out the new WorkflowMax support centre.

This article describes some of the key features of the WorkflowMax support centre that will help you get the information you need as quickly and easily as possible.

Getting started

When you click the help icon helpicon on the WorkflowMax toolbar, you'll go straight to the new Support Centre landing page.


For direct access to help information on the main support centre page, simply type the keyword you're looking for into the Search box ① or just click directly on one of the three section icons ② to browse that section.

Using search

If you're using the search feature, the search results are displayed immediately. When you click on one of the result headings for more detail, you'll see your search phrase highlighted—using several colours if you typed more than one word.


To remove these colour highlights, simply click the Remove Highlights button on the support centre toolbar at the foot of the screen.

Opening a section from the landing page

If you clicked one of the three section icons on the landing page, the main support centre opens at that section:

  • Getting started – go here to find out about setting up WorkflowMax or if you need information about the icons and conventions used in the WorkflowMax interface.
  • Using WorkflowMax – go here for a full list of all the topics in the support centre. You can browse through them or use the search feature to find what you need.
  • Articles, blogs and more… – go here to view in-depth articles by expert WorkflowMax users, view the WorkflowMax blog or instructional videos in WorkflowMax TV.

A search box and all three sections are available whenever you access the main support centre page, shown below.


① CONTENTS tab. Drill down on items to open subsections and topics. Items are presented in alphabetical order within the three main sections.

② INDEX tab. Check here if you are looking for a specific concept, idea or term that you might not find by using search or by browsing through items in the CONTENTS tab.

③ Mouse over highlighted terms in the text to see their GLOSSARY definition. The glossary contains helpful definitions of dozens of WorkflowMax terms used in the support centre.

④ There is a search box on the main support centre page, so you can continue to search for information if you wish.

Your comments

The support centre is still being extended, so you're welcome to make comments or suggestions for improving the content. There is a feedback survey towards the end of the title page for each of the main sections, so please take a little time to help us make sure that the support centre meets your needs.

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Steve Moss
Steve is a member of the education team at WorkflowMax. He has been a technical writer since 1988, and has extensive experience in the computer industry in software support, development and training. Steve is an Information Mapping certified instructor and is particularly interested in editing and the development of online learning material. In 2013, Steve completed an MA in technical communication through Sheffield Hallam University. He is based in Auckland.

Steve Moss