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How Agencies can Simplify Collaboration with Clients and Outside Vendors


Opinions: Everyone has them. This is especially true when it comes to client projects where “everyone” may include the account manager, support personnel, designer/contractor, main client contact, main client contact’s boss, and of course the main client contact’s boss’ boss.

The opinions of each need to be heard, considered, and then integrated or discarded before the project can move forward.

Managing this, and doing so within strict timelines, is a challenge that has been known to drive many agency professionals mad. Complicating matters further: Revision rounds create multiple versions. This often opens the door for confusion around which version is the most up-to-date.

While too many cooks in the kitchen is often an unavoidable scenario, cloud-based technologies, like WorkflowMax, give you the tools necessary to overcome the challenge of consolidating feedback relating to a project.

Below, we’ve outlined how to best utilize your WorkflowMax account to help streamline future projects.

Document Management

Simplify document storage by keeping all versions saved in one central location. Keep track of the most up-to-date version using a numbering system (V1, V2, etc.) and notify staff and clients when a new version is uploaded and ready for review.

To do this within your WorkflowMax account, simply navigate over to the job you’re working on, and then click the “Documents” tab.



Here you can upload the latest version of a document, and choose to share it only with your internal team by leaving the “Public” box unchecked, or give everyone access by checking this box.  


With your WorkflowMax account you get 25GB of storage, or you can sync your account with Google Drive, Dropbox or Box. Any documents uploaded to WorkflowMax will in turn be added to your synced account. 


Agency Document Collaboration

With WorkflowMax, you can give everyone—account team, client and outside vendors—login access to collaborate on the project. They’ll be able to sign in and review uploaded documents any time, from anywhere.

In addition, WorkflowMax gives you the ability to forward email conversations to your account so you can keep a running log of correspondence relating to the project. Following are the steps to add these emails to your WorkflowMax Jobs.

1. Under the “Jobs” tab in the main tool bar, select “Collaboration Manager” from the dropdown. 


2. Click on the “Configuration” tab to create your own email dropbox. Next, create an email address by adding a word before @emailmyjob.com, and clicking “save.” You may consider using your agency’s name. Note: This email address will be used by anyone forwarding emails to your agency's WorkflowMax account, including other clients and vendors.


To associate an email directly with a Job within WorkflowMax, you must include the Job number somewhere in the subject line. This number can be found on the Job Manager screen, or on the Job overview screen. (e.g. J2362)

Any emails this address is cc’d on that do not include the Job number will still be forwarded to your account, but saved in the “Email” tab. From here, you can manually associate emails with the correct Job using the “Job/Quote” dropdown option.


3. After the collaboration feature is set up, you’ll see a “New Email” button in the left column of every Job. When clicked, this button will create a new email that includes the WorkflowMax email address you created as well as the Job number in the subject line. 


4. Emails sent and associated with a Job can then be found by clicking on the “Notes” tab within the Job. Any attachments will appear in the “Documents” tab.


With WorkflowMax, we’ve tried to make the document management and collaboration process more central and easy to use. By doing so, you can streamline project collaboration and feedback collection, finalize projects faster, ensure your work is aligned with client requests, and ultimately get paid faster from happier clients.

How have you streamlined this process for your agency? Please share in the comments section. 

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Chirag Ahuja
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Chirag Ahuja