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How Agency Professionals Can Better Manage Work on Vacation

Working on VacationAh, good old vacation. It’s the cluster of magical days the working world dreams about throughout the year.

However, despite the plethora of resources explaining the importance of unplugging from work during our time out of the office, a recent survey found that 77 percent of Americans work while on vacation anyway.  

Whether you are an agency owner or an account manager, you may eventually find yourself working on your days off (although, many of you have probably done this already). If you are among this unfortunate statistic, check out the tips below to help you navigate working remotely while out of the office—then go back to having fun.

3 Tips to Manage Workloads on Vacation

1. Set out of office reminders on your email and phone.

One of the most stressful parts of being on vacation is glancing at your smart phone only to see dozens of “urgent” emails and/or voicemails waiting for your reply. Avoid this scenario by clearly communicating to your clients and team the days you will be out of the office. You should also set up out of office replies for your email and voicemail before you leave. Make sure you share:

  • Which days you will be out of office.
  • How often you will be responding to messages.
  • Who else they can contact in your absence.

In the event that something is truly urgent and needs your assistance, let your out-of-office-contact know how to reach you.

2. Use the cloud whenever possible.

Use cloud-based software to help manage your agency or client work from anywhere.

Depending on your software selection, you can have access to everything you need to keep an eye on your agency or client activity—giving you the peace of mind needed to actually relax. All you’ll need is a device with an internet connection. (Tip: Check out this quick two-minute video to learn how companies can use WorkflowMax to manage projects from anywhere).

3. Communicate your availability with your team.  

If you have to work while you’re on vacation, make sure your team knows when you’ll be available—and when you are not.

Although it’s easier said than done, try to not respond to emails unless they are absolutely pressing. The more you respond to emails, the more your team and clients will assume you’re available. This leads to more work, and less play — which is the opposite of what a vacation should look like.

One final thing to keep in mind when you’re taking time off: Make sure you actually take time off.

News flash: Vacation is supposed to give your brain a break—not cause added stress. If you must work while on vacation, make a list of items that are absolute priorities. Everything else can (and should) wait until you’re back in the office. Plus, an unbalanced lifestyle can lead to burnout, lack of productivity, and poor health. No one has time for that.

For more information and tips about managing work while on vacation, check out the resources below:

Have you had to work while on vacation? What tips do you have to make work efficient and as stress-free as possible?

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