With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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How to choose agency management software | WorkflowMax

Picture this: You start out as a small, independent creative agency. You’re doing great work, building your client base, and putting your name out there. At this point, managing projects is relatively straightforward. With a tight-knit team working together, communication is clear and meeting client expectations is easy.

But as you grow, keeping on top of projects becomes more challenging. The task list gets longer and more complex, your team expands and diversifies, specialist skills are spread across multiple projects – and even regions.

You’re busy making sure your hard-won clients experience the same level of professional engagement across the board...trickier than it sounds! And with the workload piling up, everyone involved in projects needs to know where a job is up to so they can answer queries and maintain client confidence.

What do you do?

Well, that’s where we come in. Implementing a cloud-based project management system is a great way of ensuring everyone is kept “in the know”. You can share everything, set tasks and manage time against individual jobs. And if you can integrate your project tracking system with cloud accounting from Xero, you can seamlessly exchange financial data on invoices and payments to track job costing efficiently!

As cloud integrators, we work closely with a range of Xero solutions, including WorkflowMax, which is an excellent online project management software for a variety of professional services and creative businesses. Added bonus: it has an awesome integration with Xero! WorkflowMax creates a seamless interface from lead management and quoting right through job management, costing, purchase orders and timesheets to invoicing and reporting.

Edson Evers Public Relations Ltd, a growing public relations and creative marketing company, came to us needing a comprehensive project management solution to manage time, expenses, freelance costs, materials against each project.

While there were industry specific desktop options available, they knew a cloud based system that was ‘clean, quick, simple… not reinventing the wheel!’ was the way to go.

Desktop research, testimonials and free trials are all great ways of discovering a software solution but having experienced on-the-ground experts provides that extra bit of assurance, setup help and yes, customised training solutions to suit your business needs!

“It is already clear that the new software will bring significant commercial benefits and help improve margins and the way we operate as an agency.”

– Stephen Key, Managing Director at Edson Evers Public Relations Ltd

The great thing about WorkflowMax is that as Edson Evers Public Relations Ltd grows, the software is flexible enough to grow with them, and continue to provide value for money.

Most agency management systems are legacy systems rather than cloud based and the pricing models/licenses are complicated. By contrast, Stephen notes:

“We are confident that WorkflowMax will deliver over 80% of the benefits at 20% of the cost.”

So far WorkflowMax has helped Edson Evers Public Relations Ltd, “streamline their processes, make information sharing easier across the agency and is helping us to estimate projects more quickly, with greater accuracy, which is better for client service.”

In fact, Stephen is so pleased with the new system and our support that he is planning a total transition to the cloud.

“With BlueHub's support we anticipate making further improvements by integrating with Xero accounting software and transitioning from Sage, in due course.”


BlueHub are UK-based cloud integrators, working heavily in the Xero Add-on community, providing implementation and integration around Cloud business systems. They work closely with your business to help understand you and your business goals. From there they can offer a tailored solution that meets your needs and helps you increase profitability.

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Matt Flanagan
Coming from a project/programme management background in the Corporate IT industry, Matt has helpednumerous businesses increase productivity through the implementation of cloud technologies. As BlueHub’s Co-Director, Matt now oversees BlueHub’s project implementation team while working closely as a coach/mentor with accountancy practices to accelerate their client transitions.

Matt Flanagan