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New CRM Add-Ons for WorkflowMax


CRM functionality is something users have been asking for for ages now. We want WorkflowMax to be the hub for all your business needs, so we’ve been hard at work looking for the best add-on partners for your sales team. We’re pleased to announce three new CRM add on partners that will further improve the sales functionality of WorkflowMax.

You can read more about the partners on our CRM Add Ons Page. I’ve outlined some of the best features for you below.

Salesforce / WorkflowMax Integration

WorkflowMax Salesforce Integration

Yes, that’s right. Thanks to a clever connector built by Blirt Labs in Australia, WorkflowMax now integrates with Salesforce, the world’s most powerful CRM platform.

You can push accounts and contacts created in Salesforce through to WorkflowMax, instantly adding them as clients and contacts. When you win an opportunity in Salesforce, it can now become a job in WorkflowMax - automagically. If you already use Salesforce, you will be really excited about the possibilities here!

Salesforce is ideal for:

  • Larger, enterprise-level businesses.
  • Companies who need a lot of customisation / features in their CRM

Check out the Salesforce - WorkflowMax Integration


Exsalarate and WorkflowMax CRM

Exsalerate is a new player in the CRM field, and they are quickly becoming a favourite with many of our smaller customers. Rather than overload you with a huge array of tools you don’t need, Exsalarate is designed to be a simple, intuitive CRM system designed to be your sales reps’ and managers’ best friend.

Once you connect Exsalerate, you can import client details and create WorkflowMax jobs from within the Exsalarate dashboard. Easy!

Exsalerate is ideal for:

  • Small to Medium-sized businesses.
  • Companies looking for a more basic CRM that meets their needs.

Check out Exsalerate



FORMbasic isn’t your traditional CRM. It’s a nifty tool to capture leads on a company’s website and push them into the WorkflowMax lead manager. It’s a great solution for companies whose website routinely produces sales-qualified leads.

Integrating seamlessly with your website’s “contact us” page, FORMbasic allows you to score leads, offer auto-lead responders and get in touch with leads quicker than your competitors.

FORMbasic is perfect for:

  • Small to medium businesses
  • Companies who regularly produce sales qualified leads through their website.

Check out FORMbasic

Three new add-ons, three great sets of functionality to help your sales team prosper. Now it’s just up to you to figure out which CRM solution to use.

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Gavin George
A thought leader in the cloud computing industry, Gavin George is the Co-founder & General Manager of WorkflowMax - the cloud-based workflow management software used by thousands of marketing and advertising agencies worldwide. With over 7 years of experience in cloud computing solutions, Gavin intimately understands the challenges that companies face in transitioning and managing their business on the cloud.

Gavin George

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