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What is a cost estimate?

What is a cost estimate? The importance of accurate estimating for your service business

Producing accurate estimates is one of the most important aspects of job management and key to successfully executing projects.

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Humans of WorkflowMax - Meet Adam

We talk about the WorkflowMax product often but not the people behind it. We want to change that by taking the time to chat with the team and share th…

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Tip of the week: Applying Discounts

Giving discounts to clients is a reality of business, but many of our clients manage the process in a variety of ways. This week’s tip focuses on the …

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Tip of the week: How to record non-billable time

A common question we get asked by new users of WorkflowMax is “how do we record time for internal meetings, staff training, admin time, annual leave, …

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9 tips for creating an effective budget

The majority of small businesses are started by people with a strong passion for the enterprise that they have expertise in. But passion and expertise…

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Tip of the week: Using Notifications

Are you missing important milestones and events for your projects? You don’t have to. With the notification feature in WorkflowMax you can inform sele…

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Exsalerate + WorkflowMax: Combine New Business, Workflow & Account Management

Ask your sales team what they think about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and it’s hard to imagine them professing their undying love f…

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3 tips to get ahead in the new financial year

End of Financial Year (EOFY) can be a stressful time for many business owners preparing financial records and tax returns, updating records, and pushi…

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Tip of the week: Managing contractors in WorkflowMax

A lot of businesses using WorkflowMax deal with contractors but what is the best way to work with contractors inside the app? This week's tip focuses …

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PlanRight + WorkflowMax: Transforming businesses one schedule at a time

In today’s challenging markets, the way companies manage their time represents one of the most powerful sources of competitive advantage. If you’re se…

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Tip of the week: Changing the time entry method in WorkflowMax

Did you know that you can change the time entry method used by your staff in WorkflowMax? This Tip of the Week will explain the difference between the…

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