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Preview the New WorkflowMax UI, Part 1: Filters

Over the next four weeks we will preview some of the new features in the upcoming first release of Xero Practice Manager scheduled for mid June. Bear in mind that these are exactly the same features that we will release to all standard WorkflowMax users once we complete the new time sheets interface.

FiltersToday we’ll preview the introduction of Filters. The video is very focused on accountants and obviously Xero Practice Manager - however the power filters provide will benefit all businesses - allowing you to distill important information on the screen.

Check out how filters will work in the video below:

One of the challenges when managing large numbers of jobs and/or clients is locating the information which is important and relevant to you. Filters allow you to create and save search conditions, so you can quickly and easily locate the data you’re interested in when you need it.

Using Filters you can create search conditions to:

  • List my clients only
  • Show WIP for the jobs I’m managing
  • Manage Draft Invoices for a specific Partner/Director

As you can see, Filters brings a new dynamic to how you view and manage your data.

Stay tuned - shortly we'll be profiling another one of the new UI features on the blog.

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Gavin George
A thought leader in the cloud computing industry, Gavin George is the Co-founder & General Manager of WorkflowMax - the cloud-based workflow management software used by thousands of marketing and advertising agencies worldwide. With over 7 years of experience in cloud computing solutions, Gavin intimately understands the challenges that companies face in transitioning and managing their business on the cloud.

Gavin George

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